In all the drives employed for the rear axle the spring take the weight of the body. Many drives are used, out of which the two important ones are. The Hotchkiss drive is the simplest of the drive systems and is the The torque tube drive, which is still fairly widely used is shown in picture. During the early part of the 20th century chain-drive power transmission was the main direct drive competitor of the Hotchkiss system, with the torque tube also.

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Member feedback about Hotchkiss car: The final-drive unit, which is bolted to a cross-member of the frame, transfers the drive to road wheels through two universally jointed shafts.

Rear Axles Final-drive Automobile Previous post: However, this knowledge may help in the diagnosis of many of the faults associated with drive systems. With the hotchkias year the Bel Air name was changed hotchkkss a designation for a unique body shape to a premium level of trim applied across a number of body styles.

Convertibles Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Helical spring and four-link suspension.

Hotchkiss drive

Automotive suspension technologies Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The badge for the marque showed a pair of crossed cannons, evoking the company’s history as an arms manufacturer.

The differential yellow is connected directly to the chassis orange. Hotchkiss Anjou topic The Hotchkiss Anjou was a luxury car offered between and by the French automaker Hotchkiss.

Explain Hotchkiss Drive and Torque Tube Drive with neat sketch.

This reduces wheel spin by permitting the light driving wheels to follow closely the contour of the hotdhkiss surface. The tuning of suspensions involves finding the right compromise. This design was the main form of power transmission for most cars from the s through the s. Roller chain and sprocket Chain drive is a way of transmitting mechanical power from one place to another.


All featured the trademark stainless-steel “Fairlane stripe” on the side. Dynaflow was the trademarked name for a type of automatic transmission developed and built by General Motors Buick Motor Division from late to mid It was the first in a family of vehicles before the introduction of the Crown. The Hotchkiss drive consists of a hotchikss spring and a propeller shaft with two universal joints and one sliding joint.

Hotchkiss car topic Hotchkiss logo on GS car. A center bearing generally is used vehicles. Member feedback about Grand Prix Sunbeams Daimler DEs, especially the DE 36 Straight-Eight, was sold to royalty and heads of state around the world, including British royalty under the royal warrant that Daimler had held since Hotchkiss drive combines the springing and positioning or locating of the rear axle.

Thus the springs act as both torque and thrust members in this case.

Although these systems are not used today in their original form, the objective of describing them is to make the reader familiar with the arrangement used to resist the various forces associated with the propulsion of a vehicle. While rear end of the leaf spring is supported in swinging shackle with antifriction bush material.

Please add a reason or a talk parameter to this template to explain the issue with the article. The collection is focused on cars which demonstrate special creativity and imagination in their history and engineering. Explain Hotchkiss and torque tube drive with neat sketch. Aside from a torqhe brief interludes, Gwen and Theresa are at each other’s throats for the remainder of the series and battle back and forth for Ethan’s love, alternately marrying him and bearing his children.


This drive system is generally used in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Shock absorbers and either leaf springs, c His first cars were belt-driven, with single- or twin-cylinder engines mounted at the rear. The torque the teeth of the final driving mechanism. Bracing rods are introduced between the axle casing and the torque tube to strengthen the arrangement.

Rear-wheel Drive Arrangements (Automobile)

The torque arm drive is similar to by means of a flange. Radius rods are customarily made of stamped steel or aluminum for lightness, as they are part of the vehicle’s unsprung weight. Mitrailleuse Mle T was a gas operated air-cooled machine gun in 8mm Lebel which was widely used in the early years of the First World War. Hotchkiss drive topic Rear chassis, possibly of a Napier, with torque reaction taken by a long girder alongside the jointed driveshaft The Hotchkiss drive is a shaft drive form of power transmission.

Member feedback about British heavy tanks of World War I: The murders take place when a truckload of illegal aliens being smuggled by Hotchkiss is stopped by S