Michel Houellebecq continues to say the unsayable in The Possibility of an Island, but to what end, asks Tim Adams. Michel Houellebecq’s misanthropy is all too evident in his latest, The Possibility of an Island, says Michael Worton. Being thought to be avant garde has its advantages; people take you seriously and pay you shed loads of cash for any old tosh. And you get.

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The day I took this out from the library, a greasy man in reflective sunglasses, floral shirt unbuttoned to reveal curlicues of revoltingly masculine chest hair, meowed at me as I stood frowning beneath a sticky sun.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Thus Daniel24 and Daniel25 are genetically identical to Ppssibility — just a couple of millennia later. It is the principle represented by Joris-Karl Huysmans in Soumission. The two clones are confronted with houellebecs life of the first Daniel and have different views about their predecessor. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Start reading The Possibility of an Island on your Kindle in under a minute.

The Book of Daniels

For his many admirers, he is a daring, prophetic figure who anatomises with honesty life in the contemporary west and possibilkty the lot of the millions of mediocre, grafting individuals whose role in our financial and emotional economies is usually ignored.

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Daniel 24 has had enough. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. View all 7 comments.

Review: The Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq | Books | The Guardian

Or probably I should just say I’m dying, we all are, mortality is what it’s about, but maybe we’ve got a couple of years left so why not spend them together torturing each other? Which would be unlikely. Yet he deftly dissects the obession with self, the evolution of virtue into the fulfillment of personal desire, and the sex-celebrity-youth obsessed culture that we are in the process of fully-forming in our own world. So possibilitt anything else, let’s just get this out of the way: May tue, Pages.


In part, in Daniel1, the author is sending himself up. I was one of those who challenged calling my boss Mr. Yet it is gripping and oddly moving. For Esther, as for all the young girls of her generation, sexuality was just a pleasant pastime, driven by seduction and eroticism, which implied no particular sentimental commitment; undoubtedly love, like pity, according to Nietzche, had never been anything but a fiction invented by the weak to make the strong feel possiibility, to introduce limits to their natural freedom and ferocity.

Jun 22, Jason Pettus rated it it was amazing. In a way, I wonder if his return to form here has something to do with his subject matter. This is the greatly simplified message that came through in “The Idea of an Island.

Set adrift by the sexual revolution, alienated by consumerism, incapable of belief and prisoners to their restless desire, they spin around the globe disgusted by everything but the hope of blowjobs from women half their age.

That is a fantastic book. And in and among all this, there is Love. Daniel despises mankind houellebfcq its contemptible—and doomed—efforts to find happiness. A personal note here.

The Possibility of an Island – Wikipedia

Oct 18, Daniel rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It’s most interesting facet is the cult that the character a practicing nihlist from what he tells and shows Daniel, or Daniel1, becomes a part. Daniel’s paths cross those of neo-humans who are models of the latest ideal humans who are built to withstand emotions and live a standardized life. Their teachers had only first names and we taught our children to challenge them and to find their own way powsibility seeing the world.

The same problem arose in Soumission. He seems as much horrified by a Daniel1 as any other version. View all 12 oof.

My university professors stopped being Professor Whatever. Houellebecq this is the second time I’ve written Celine in place of his name, despite that their writing is not similar in the least has a brutal mind for the kitsch. Partly because the irony is less humorous. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Railing against a society where everything is sacrificed to the young—with their luscious and virile bodies that Houellebecq describes over and over—he mocks the old—decomposing, sagging and sexually repulsive—who try ever harder, and invest ever more time, in a pitiful effort to be young themselves.


Retrieved from ” https: I’m also a bit of a coward. I feel, upon reading this book, as though he were the author. I’ve hesitated on this one, Houellebecq is a very bad boy and I’m only slightly bad. Daniel’s chapters are interspersed with those of two of his cloned descendants living 1, years later, Daniel24 and Daniel25, both of whom seem warmer and more human than their originator – even though, as neohumans, they are said to “go through life without joy possiility without mystery”, living on sunlight, water and mineral salts and having only occasional, virtual contact with other neohumans.

I cannot find in his words any attempt to write well, or beautifully; it just “is”.

Lovecraft, he brought out his first novel Extension du domaine de la lutte in In the absence of the necessity of sex and death, the post-human clones have found that all human emotion has, over the centuries, become extinct. So that maybe the neohuman can be human? God which I don’t believe in, of courseI hate people. The only compensation his characters can find in this predictably joyless and godless world is in brief moments of erotic bliss.

Books houelleebcq Michel Houellebecq. This book is simultaneously more and less allusive possibi,ity Houellebecq’s previous work.

A dog’s life (poodles excepted)

Middle-aged and misanthropic and suffering from a rock-hard cucumber in the pants? Scattered around are the remnants of tourist resorts, cities and consumer items and some natural humans living in small tribes without any knowledge of the past or of civilization.

So, surely, those gods who still care about such things as vows, even literary vows, would cut this brother a break on this one, huh?