maintenance and service guide – hp® official site – product name hp compaq s notebook pc processors intel® coreâ„¢ 2 duo processors t ghz . Get HP HP Compaq s Notebook PC HP Compaq s Notebook PC – Maintenance and Service Guide. Get all HP manuals!. such products and services. Fri, 21 Sep GMT HP COMPAQ S. MAINTENANCE AND. SERVICE MANUAL Pdf. Download.

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Press in on the ExpressCard slot eject button 1 two times. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Table of contents 1 Product description 2 External component identification Top components Backing up specific serfice or foldersYou can back up specific files or folders to the recovery partition on the hard drive, to an optional externalhard drive, or sevice optical discs CDs or DVDs.

Turn the system board upside down, with the USB connectors toward you. Thermal material is included with all heat sink, system board, and processor spare part kits.

Lift the right side of the WLAN module compartment cover 2swing it to left, and remove the cover.

Unknown user password If the computer you are servicing has an mabual user password, follow these steps to clear the password: Page Remove the backlight from the backlight frame. Improper cable placement can damage the computer.


Remove the display hinges 2. Remove the followng screws: Remove the memory module 2 by pulling the module away from the slot at an angle. Page 40 Packaging and transporting guidelinesFollow these grounding guidelines when packaging and transporting equipment: SelectTo do thisSetup PasswordEnter, change, or delete a setup password.

Page 59 Lift the display assembly 2 straight up and remove it. Exercise caution when removing and handling thebacklight to avoid damaging this component and causing exposure to the mercury. Bluetooth is atrademark owned by its proprietor and usedby Hewlett-Packard Company under license.


To avoid hand manaul, transport products in static-safe tubes, bags, or boxes.

System memory map specifications Heat sink Description Spare part number Heat sink includes replacement thermal material Before removing the heat sink, follow these steps: Spare partnumberDescriptionDisplay enclosure includes display bezel, 2 wireless antenna transceivers and cables Keyboard for use in the United StatesKeyboard for use in the United KingdomKeyboard for use in GermanyKeyboard for use in FranceKeyboard for use in ItalyKeyboard for use in SpainKeyboard for use in DenmarkKeyboard for use in NorwayKeyboard for use in Frenc.

This process will take several minutes, depending on the file size and the speed of the computer.

Read hps-notebook-maintenance-and-service-manual

Disconnect all external devices connected to the computer. Use the computer only on ahard, flat surface. Remove the display panel assembly 2 from the display enclosure. One screw manjal secures the fan to the base enclosure Phillips PM2.

Computer Setup menus The menu tables in this section provide an overview of Computer Setup options. Remove all screws that secure the display panel servcie to the display panel. The optical drive connector board is available using spare part number Remove the following screws: Recovering important files—This feature helps you reinstall important files without performing a full If it is necessary mnaual replace the display inverter, remove the inverter 1 from the display enclosureas far as the display panel cable and the backlight cable will allow.

Page Where used: Remove the switch cover and keyboard: The rubber screw covers are available in the Rubber Kit, spare part number Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Loosen the Phillips PM2.


These steps also clear CMOS. Remove the TouchPad bracket 2 by lifting it straight up. Restart the computer, and then press f11 before the Windows operating system loads. If it is necessary to replace the battery connector board 1 and the optical drive connector board 2remove them from the connectors on the system board. Reverse this procedure to install the RTC battery.

Creating recovery pointsWhen you back up modifications since your last backup, you are creating system recovery points. Turn the display panel assembly upside down.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Remove the display panel 2. Networks built into many integrated circuits provide some protection, but in many cases, ESD contains enough power to alter device parameters or melt silicon junctions. Turn the system board upside down, with the USB connectors toward you.

Switch cover and keyboard Description Spare part number Switch cover includes button board and cable Keyboards for use in the following countries or regions: Top Cover Top cover Description Spare part number Top cover includes TouchPad board and cable, and TouchPad button board and cable Before removing the top cover, follow these steps: Perform the following steps to disassemble the display assembly: Page 70 Remove the following screws: Page 11 RecyclingBatteryWhen a battery has reached the end of its useful life, do not dispose of the battery in general householdwaste.

Page 77 Lift the processor 2 straight up and remove it.

Page 53 Remove the switch cover and keyboard: