HP Laptops designed for home and home office use. HP Pavilion troubleshooting , repair, and service manuals. HP Pavilion dv HP Pavilion G6 disassembly for cleaning. HP Pavilion dv HP Pavilion dv troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. Disassembly Guides. Main board. Teardowns. HP Pavilion dv

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How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

Thank you for the tutorial, it is very helpful. Which connector are you talking about?

So, hhp is wrong inside the laptop. I can hear the fan rattle when pavilipn spins sometimes. I got to step 5, but gave up, because I need to get remove the hex studs. Did I hook something up wrong? I have a small problem… The connector that goes to the power board broke on my laptop.

Do you have any idea how i solve this problem? I went to the link you gave me and it wont run on my computer. Test your laptop again. Most likely this h; some kind of connection related problem. The wireless is always on. When i turn on my laptop the screen is white with pixilated verticle colored lines. The thread is 2. Maybe one of the modules popped up from the slot. Can you get any image this way? Thankfully, these wireless sticks come quite cheap nowadays.


After I reassembled my computer I found I only have a partially functioning keyboard.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv – Inside my laptop

Well, I just spent an afternoon preparing my kitchen counter as an operatory, procuring the blow torch with which to use as the prime instrument and began disassembling as shown above.

Hello, My dv has also failed.

Apply new thermal grease on the processor. So that is why I think drive has a power but dv67000 data connection with Windows. Enter the BIOS setup menu.

Please a response is appreciated. I opened the two special screws hex finally. There are no cables between the DVD drive and motherboard. Is there any alternate power cable for the LCD display? I had finals and was all wrapped up with that.

I was fixing another computer so I came back in 10 minutes and it was still logging off. It is not first time what I cleaned computer or laptop. Your comments on the situation please.

Could it be possible I have the loosened pins soldered or the USB port jacks have to be replaced with a new one? I tried to heat it up and took all the precautions whilst doing so, but the laptop failed to turn on afterwards which shows the xv6700 of using a thermometer of some sort to gage the temperature whilst your working.


I was able to install a new motherboard into a laptop for a friend with this article. After cleaning the fans a bit, I ran the laptop for 30 minutes or so and could smell the pavjlion fume again when I sniff close to the laptop. My HP Pavilion dv sometime starts and works fine; however sometimes it will start and the screen will have lines and be greenish yellow.

While your full disassembly instructions are quite clear, I am wondering if there are any shortcuts that can be taken if the only thing that one wants access to is the power board. The system clock is not running, just runs from pm then goes back to 10 again. Even though the sound control board volume wheel and audio jacks is a separate unit, I believe the main sound circuit is located pvailion the motherboard and replacing or reconnecting the sound control board will not help.