The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides Work/Life leadership to the Federal Government by partnering with Federal agencies to help them develop. Federal Retirement Moving ChecklistMoving? Use this tool to help you prepare for moving and then conduct any relevant transactions after your move. (Source: Introduction to the Position Classification Standards, TS, July ) ://

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Typical functions in librarianship are collection development, acquisition, cataloging and classification, reference, circulation, computer system and data base management, and preservation. The work involves the operation of radiologic equipment in a hospital or clinic environment as part of the diagnostic plan for patients.

This work requires knowledge of external data processing sequences, controls, procedures, or user and programming languages, rather than in-depth knowledge of computer requirements or techniques associated with development and design of data processing systems.

The work requires knowledge of learning theory and the principles, methods, practices and techniques of one or more specialties of the instructional systems field. Duties require knowledge of aseptic techniques and sterilization practices; the care, functioning, and uses of supplies, equipment, sets, and instruments; and methods for the preparation, storage, and issue of sterile and nonsterile medical supplies and the maintenance of adequate stock levels.

The paramount requirements for this work are knowledge of and skill in applying research principles and methods and a broad and thorough knowledge of one or more scientific fields or interdisciplinary areas related to the education research goc being performed. Community planning work requires knowledge of planning concepts, principles, techniques, and practices; the social, economic, political, and physical elements involved in human settlements; and the dynamics of change within these elements.

The work requires knowledge of and ability to apply the principles of visual design; knowledge of the technical characteristics associated with various methods of visual display; and the ability to present subject matter information in a visual form that will convey the intended message to, or have the desired effect on, the intended audience.

The work requires a knowledge of the procedures and techniques involved in carrying out the work of an organization and involves application of procedures and practices within the framework of established guidelines.

Therapists perform tests and measurements involving manual or electrical means; and interpret results. The work may require knowledge of one or more subjects or occupations in which educational or training instruction is provided. Positions in this series require some degree of specialized knowledge of some or all of the logistics ffdclass activities involved. This work requires the application and interpretation of laws concerning benefits available to disabled patients and of the regulations, procedures, and practices based thereon, and, in addition, a specialized knowledge of the medical and psychological problems directly related to the use of prosthetic devices; fedflass a specialized knowledge and understanding of the fabrication and satisfactory fitting of prosthetic devices.

Office of Oopm Management 76 Hearings and Appeals Series This series covers positions that involve the adjudication of cases that typically include the conduct of formal or informal hearings that accord appropriate due process, arising under statute or under the regulations of a Federal agency when the hearings are not subject to the Administrative Procedure Act; or involve the conduct of appellate reviews of prior decisions.


Except for positions not involving patient care responsibility e. Such positions are covered by the Federal Wage System. The work involves the development of information and analysis to select and present information on the specialized subject in a go and at a level suitable for the intended audience. Duties characteristically include assignments such as: These positions require the ability to apply the specialized principles and practices of health care management in directing a health care delivery system.

Positions in this occupation require full professional knowledge and application of meteorological methods, techniques, and theory. To be included in this series, a position must be the principal office clerical or administrative support position in the office, operating independently of any other such position in the office. Also included are positions that involve providing staff leadership dws6914 technical guidance over property administration matters.

It also requires the ability to apply investigative techniques, and to negotiate constructively and persuasively. The work involves any one or combination of the following functions: These positions require a practical knowledge of the agency’s regulations and programs; a practical knowledge of chemical and biological processes and analytical methods; the characteristics of regulated products; pertinent manufacturing, storage, and distribution methods; and techniques of inspection, sampling, and field testing.

Series coverage is limited to positions concerned with 1 the preparation and review of stowage plans which indicate the location of cargo within assigned olm aboard ship and the order in which it is to fedc,ass loaded and unloaded, 2 the interpretation and implementation of cargo stowage plans during the actual loading, stowage and unloading operations, 3 combined responsibility for both the planning and monitoring of marine cargo loading and stowage operations, or 4 general or administrative duties connected with the supervision or management of marine cargo planning, loading, and stowage.

The work requires a practical knowledge of menu planning and food service operations. The work also involves analyzing management problems and providing advice and insight about the probable effects of alternative solutions to these problems.

The education and employment must be part of a formal student employment program. Work may also involve developing or revising equipment maintenance programs. Work in this series does not require full professional knowledge equivalent to that represented by completion of a bachelors degree in hydrology.

The specialists analyze the legal impact of legislative developments and administrative and judicial decisions, opinions, determinations, and rulings on agency programs; conduct research for the preparation of legal opinions on matters of interest to the agency; perform substantive legal analysis of requests for information under the provisions of various acts; or other similar legal support functions that require discretion and independent judgment in the application of a specialized knowledge of laws, precedent decisions, regulations, agency policies and practices, and judicial or gvo proceedings.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families – [PDF Document]

Common functions in the occupation are indexing; developing and maintaining thesauri; preparing bibliographies, digests, and reports; searching subject-oriented literature and databases, and cataloging highly specialized materials. The persons served by the programs may be individuals or families in the community or individuals in an institution, dormitory, or other Government facility.


This work, in its various aspects, requires: Positions in this series are concerned with the application of civil rights and equal opportunity laws, regulations, and precedent decisions to eliminate illegal discrimination and to remove barriers to equal opportunity. Supervisory positions involved in supervising work characteristic of this series are also included when typing ability is an essential part of the job.

It requires knowledge of supply operations and program requirements and the ability to apply established supply policies, day-to-day servicing techniques, regulations, or procedures. The duties do not require a technical or professional knowledge of a specialized subject-matter area. The work requires applying knowledge from a variety of such fields as: In addition to a high degree of analytical ability, positions in this series require specialized knowledge of the basic principles and practices related to the management of health care delivery systems.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families

Positions in this series do not typically involve substantial operation of telecommunications equipment to send and receive messages, but do require knowledge of telecommunications techniques to facilitate the flow of messages. The work may include research, field investigations, laboratory analysis, library research, interpretation or consultative work, preparation of reports for publication, curation and exhibition of collections, or development and implementation of programs and projects that carry out such work.

This work also requires knowledge of commercial supply sources and common business practices related to sales, prices, discounts, units of measurement, deliveries, stocks, and shipments.

Positions in this series perform legal research, reference, and writing assignments requiring expert analysis and interpretation of the legal systems of particular foreign countries in terms of Anglo-American law concepts; provide definitive advice and assistance to the three branches of Government on matters associated with foreign law; and, provide other specialized services in the acquisition, processing, and custody of foreign legal collections.

Sociologists study specialized areas such as: The duties require knowledge of clerical and administrative procedures and requirements, various office skills, and the ability to apply such skills in a way that increases the effectiveness of others. The work requires the ability to apply a practical knowledge of therapeutic methods and techniques but does not require a htgp professional knowledge of the concepts, principles, and practices of the specialized field of therapy.

This work requires a professional knowledge of archival principles and techniques, professional knowledge of history, and a thorough understanding of the needs, methods and techniques of scholarly research. It includes related materials, equipment, systems, applications, and components. This includes determining the most cost-effective way to provide information that will best www user needs. Office of Personnel Management 9 Series Name Action General Investigating Renames this series General Investigation Series,and revises this series definition as a result of a recent occupational study.

This series does not include positions the duties of which are to gvo subordinate work in one or more branches of agricultural science.