Ethical Intuitionism is a book (hardcover release: , paperback release: ) by University of Colorado philosophy professor Michael Huemer. Michael Huemer. University of Colorado, Boulder. Abstract. This book defends a form of ethical intuitionism, according to which (i) there are objective moral. In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in Ethical Intuitionism, ( ), Bedke (), Huemer (), Shafer-Landau (), Stratton-lake.

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It may be maintained that it is quite unclear how we can know of moral facts.

Critics may claim that this analysis is just as plausible as Ewing’s, and leaves room for an alternative, naturalist account of the property that explains my approval.

Intuitions are nothing but initial intellectual appearances. To be sure that a proposition is self-evident it must: The book would have been better, however, etbical he had sometimes resisted the temptation to open up difficult topics that he did not have ituitionism to explain properly. This is taken to show that their intuitions are vulnerable to framing effects.

But justification comes in degrees: Certain well-known empirical truths, for example, that if I drop a heavy object it will fall, or that the world is bigger than a football, are obvious but not self-evident.

The fact is hyemer Mackie has identified no specific feature of intuition that would render it problematic.


Moore is the intuitionist who laid most stress on the non-natural nature of moral properties, though his focus was on goodness rather than rightness. One might doubt that there are any such reasons. There is a more general condition on knowledge that everyone in epistemology accepts: But then the problem is not with the non-natural nature of moral properties, but is one within moral psychology, and involves the debate between those who endorse a Humean theory of motivation, ethiical those who deny this.


People tend to say that they should pull the lever in Switch, but that they ought not to push the man off the bridge in Bridge.

Related Entries a priori justification and knowledge intuition Moore, George Edward: Critics would argue that certain things seem right and good to us, not because of some inherent value they have, but because we have evolved to react to certain types of act with approval or disapproval Singer ; Street ; and Joycech. This blocks the attempt to construe experiences and intuitions as evidence inruitionism which we draw inferences fallaciously, as it would turn out about the world.

Moral Perception in Normative Ethics. They could maintain that some intuitions are apprehensions, and some are intellectual seemings. The virtue of the modern, more modest notion of intuition is that it allows that intuition is fallible.

Intuitionism in Ethics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

For in effect one would be asking whether something that causes pleasure causes pleasure, and that is clearly a closed question. The following statement is true: Scanlon has argued that goodness is to be understood as something’s having properties that give us reason to have a pro-attitude towards it95and like the intuitionist view about goodness and rightness, he thinks that the notion of a reason cannot be understood in other, non-normative terms Enjoyment is sometimes if not always better than excruciating pain.

There are three replies to this objection. Some philosophers the ‘nominalists’ say that the only thing multiple particulars hueemer in common is that we apply the same word or idea to them. He believes that the widget is red….


Huemer’s strategy is to argue against Intuitionism’s main rivals in the first part, and then to expound his favored theory in the second, before meeting possible objections. For with this understanding of an intuition we can say that what justifies our belief in a self-evident proposition is that it seems true, just as we might say that what uhemer us in having some experiential huemmer is that perceptually, the world seems to be that way.


Ethical Intuitionism // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame

If he fell onto the track he would be killed, but would derail the trolley thus saving the five people on the track. Moral Intuitionism in Meta-Ethics. It does not, however, tell us anything about the nature of the substance that has these features.

Thus, no problem for intuitionism is generated by citing examples of moral principles that rest on reasoning, nor by citing moral principles that are less than per cent certain. If the definition is true, then the question must be closed, so if it is intuitipnism, the definition must be false.

This does not imply that intuition is infallible. Sentence Y is of the same form, so it can be true only if ‘yellow’ refers to something–that is, only if yellow exists.

They outline their point in terms of undercutting defeaters and defeaters of those defeaters. To me, the former seems far more obvious.