Logo AA 0 The UcDHG amplifier module is a self-contained high- performance class D amplifier intended for a wide range of audio applications. Before you take the further actions as you intended I would suggest you to do the following: Replace the LM with LME and Replace. HYPEX UCD HG HxR. What do you look for in a power amplifier? Bet it’s the sound. Hypex UcD amplifier modules are designed from the ground up for true.

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You should wait 30 seconds before posting a new review. Fortunately it opened up real nice after a day or two and yielded a nice neutral presentation. Hypex was founded in as a supplier of plate amplifiers for live sound loudspeakers. The UCD module is delivered alone. No Sir, your mileage may vary but I wanted ucd180hh share what worked for me. Hifi – Facade aluminium 3mm Silver pour GX Only registered users can post a review.

Control is based on a phase-shift controlled self-oscillating loop taking feedback only at the speaker output. Hypex Electronics is a company which makes amplifiers, supplies and DSP’s with the highest possible quality in mind.

Customers who bought this product also bought: The information in this package may not be complete or accurate, and the products depicted in drawings, models, specifications, and other types of content may not be to scale, or the most recent version. Very low noise circuit Operates with symmetrical hjpex supply On-Off function without “ploc” Symmetrical input Protected against surges and short circuits. Do you want to be notify when the product will be available?


In some cases internal product details have been omitted to protect our designs. Logged Julf Full Ucd180gg Posts: Kelvin sense connections provide point-of-load local regulation with- out requiring physical proximity.

HYPEX UCD180HG Module amplificateur HxR 180W

Control is based on a phase-shift controlled self-oscillating loop taking feedback only at the speaker output. Cookies help us provide you a better browsing experience. I know there used in a number of commercial offerings for roughly 2k. I replaced with some Neotech litz cryo cable and transparency was increased dramatically. Log in or create an account. Close Accept and continue.

The products drew the attention of hi-fi speaker manufacturers, resulting Last items in stock!

I don’t know or care what kind of wire is inside, because it matters not ucd180gh all. I also run a Yamaha LS9 sound board and mix live bands so I have a keen ear for changing the sound for the better.

HYPEX UCDHG Amplifier Module W – Audiophonics

No products To be determined Shipping. To discover the amount of the shipping costs, you just have to go in your shopping cart once the desired products added. Yes, notify me when available! Plastic spacer M3x12mm x Pop-free start and stop control Differential audio input Overcurrent and over voltage protection No compromise components LM buffer OpAmp HxR12 mounted Ultra-low noise Improved on-board buffer supply.

I am now glad ucd180g made hpex upgrade to the Hypex units after some minor tweaking.

In no event will Hypex Electronics B. Last items in stock! The modulation is based on a controlled phase-change oscillator with a lowrate of feedback.

Im an official Ucd180hf owner and fanboy now! The stock input signal cable appears to be tinned copper at best and not at all transparent. You probably have the best desktop system out there with the UCD’s driving the speakers!


You should wait 30 seconds before posting a new review. The secure code is incorrect. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Its main characteristics are an absolutely flat response curve independent of output impedance, low distortion rate and low noise sensitivity and t EMI.

Hypex UCD HG HxR Digital Poweramp Module buy at

The little box looks good on my desk. The control function is constructed fully out of passive components, with only the comparator standing in for gain. Ive experienced break in more than once with both electronics and speakers so I gave it some time before passing judgement. Chief distinguishing features are flat frequency response irrespective of load impedance, nearly frequency-independent distortion behaviour and very low radiated and conducted EMI.

Nick77 has a pair of Pi4’s so he is in good hands. By buying this product you get 7 loyalty points.

HYPEX UCD180HG Amplifier Module 180W

Hypex UcD amplifier modules are designed from the ground up for true fidelity. The strong characteristics of this module are its flat response whatever the load, its almost frequency independent distortion and an extremely low EMI radiation rate. Mouting example The UCD module ucd108hg delivered alone. You have to be logged in and must have bought this product to write a review.