The Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is a network control protocol designed for use in Multimedia Session Control Working Group (MMUSIC WG) of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and published as RFC in IETF RFC IETF RFC (), Real Time Streaming Protocol Transfer Protocol—HTTP/ IETF RFC IETF RFC (), A DNS RR for. [IETF RFC ]IETF RFC , RTP: A Transport Protocolfor Real-Time Applications. [IETF RFC ]IETF RFC , Real Time Streaming Protocol ( RTSP).

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Instead, a not modified response will be returned without any message-body. RTSP can also control multiple streams as a single entity.

Indicates that the media stream is cacheable by any cache. Note that the language specified applies to the presentation description and any reason phrases, not the media content. The method may be applied on the presentation URL. This may, for example, be the result of a resource reservation failure.

In the worst case, servers should send back: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The purpose of this field is to strictly inform the recipient of valid methods associated with the resource.

The mode parameter indicates the methods to be supported for this session. An Allow header field must be present in a Method not allowed response.


Real Time Streaming Protocol

To do this, the client iietf include the only-if-cached directive in a request. The server should try to approximate the viewing rate, but may restrict the range of scale values that it supports. Client C requests a presentation from media server M. If the request contains a Range parameter, the new scale value will take effect at that time.

The movie is stored in a container file.

A negative value indicates reverse direction. For example, a ratio of 2 indicates twice the normal viewing rate irtf forward” and a ratio of 0.

The server MAY truncate this packet size to the closest multiple of the minimum, iftf block size, or override it with the media-specific size if necessary. This status code is also to be used if a request attempts to use a method not indicated during SETUP, e.

In this special case, it is recommended that servers be forgiving of implementations that send: Indicates the RTP timestamp corresponding to the time value in the Range response header. Parameters may be added to each transport, separated by a semicolon. Only the start time of a media unit such as a video or audio frame is relevant.

Real Time Streaming Protocol – Wikipedia

The method may be applied on a stream URL. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. If the source address for the stream is different than can be derived from the RTSP endpoint address the server in playback or the client in recordingthe source MAY be specified. The media description contains descriptions of the presentation and all its streams, including the codecs that are available, dynamic RTP payload types, the protocol stack, and content information such as language or copyright restrictions.


If the copy is not up-to-date, it modifies the SETUP transport parameters as appropriate and forwards the request to the origin server.

Typically, 2236 cache eliminates all transport-references that is, multicast information from the presentation description, since these are independent of the data delivery from the cache to the client.

A stale cache entry may not normally be returned by a cache either a proxy cache or an user agent cache unless it is first validated with the origin server or with an intermediate cache that has a fresh copy of the entity. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Container files are a widely used means to store such presentations.

The proxy delivers the continuous media data to the client, while possibly making a local copy for later reuse.