Incada, the paperboard produced at Iggesund Paperboard’s Workington Mill, . Product overview. The Iggesund paperboard product range is very extensive. Iggesund Mill (including Strömsbruk Mill ) in Sweden is one of the most.

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There are many benefits having an integrated saw mill — we manage raw material together and we can use all the waste from their production to either iggessund pulp or energy. This papfrboard was last edited on 16 Septemberat The majority of particles comes from domestic fire places and cars.

It also produces nearly all the electricity needed for the mill, and is connected to the grid to be able to output excess electricity if needed. SRC willow crop can even give bees a good source of pollen early on in the season.

Iggesund to increase capacities and cut jobs | EUWID Pulp and Paper

The fields around Workington Mill were planted in early June with fast growing SRC willow, which has already grown to an incredible height. Established in and part of the Holmen forest industry group, the company relies on its own sustainably managed forests to ensure a renewable material for centuries to come. Via social media LinkedIn. Recently the company announced it is initiating distribution on the American west coast, and it is also launching new distributor partnerships in several European countries.

This means that we use no market pulp. As the new boiler was trimmed into operation, it drastically reduced a lot of emissions between and Interest is growing and the number of farmers planting new SRC willow crops is increasing each year, especially since these energy crops offer the farmer a way iggeesund diversify without taking on much risk.


He claimed that turnaround times between products would improve as a result, with both downtime and wastage being reduced. Iggesund takes responsibility both for the harvesting costs and for transporting the crop, while also guaranteeing farmers a return on their investment, which is index linked during the contract period, currently 22 years.

Iggesund is now taking yet another step and introducing the warehousing and sheeting of Invercote at a distribution centre in the UK. Jonsson said the surface properties of the products would be unaffected by the move to fewer layers in the paperboard composition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. SRC willow crop can help paperbowrd realise diversification by providing an additional good and reliable source of income on part of their land, thereby improving profitability and enabling a sustainable food supply when the world market affects food income.

Their highest service priorities are availability and delivery reliability. In the new recovery boiler was inaugurated at Iggesund Mill, an investment made possible by the long term perspective of our majority owner. The company already has its own forestry harvesting service plus an extensive timber transport network throughout northern England and southern Scotland. Pulp and paper industry. Planning for a stoppage like that at Workington igvesund more than a year in advance.

These include the packaging of cosmetics, chocolates and tobacco products, as well as brochures, book covers and postcards.

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Iggesunds Mill has ppaperboard stretching back to Then you need sustainable forest management that can deliver first-class timber. Email will not be published required. The knowledge and market-based technical support provided by Iggesund, help customers to achieve dazzling end results and optimal production economics. Paperboard must be there when the customer needs it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Iggesund Paperboard AB

What will be your abiding memory of ? James Duckenfield, Hobs Group New year predictions: Let us know if you are going to use this press release. Iggesund paperboard to offer fewer layers. A maritime transport system guarantees overseas customers receive shipments with the lowest possible environmental impact. Recently the company also launched the iggeusnd Care by Iggesund, which is a wide-ranging and improved service offering on many fronts.

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It was a major transformation for the factory, which had always been an ironworks. Views Read Edit View history. There must be a pulp mill and a paperboard mill, and then distribution channels to get the paperboard to everyone who wants to use it. Iggesund Paperboard is a commission company of the Holmen Group and Europe’s third largest manufacturer of high quality virgin fibre paperboard.

Outstanding characteristics include superior durability, excellent color reproduction, whiteness that resists fadings, taint and odor neutrality and design versatility. The company has two brand families, Invercote and Incada, both positioned at the high end of their respective segments.

The machines work around the clock and year round to produce tonne after tonne of dazzling white paperboard. Every tonne of Invercote comes with access to documentation and knowledge about how to make best use of the paperboard.

Technical perfection and numerical control processes are all well and good but for excellent results you also need team spirit and a good working atmosphere. The photo shows a card with extreme laser cutting designed by Van Heertum Design, Tilburg, the Netherlands. Today Workington is the only remaining paperboard mill using virgin fibre in the British Isles.