Description: While the Dignitet curtain wire looks nice, it is not the most functional since it tends to sag (even when tensioned properly taut, it will. Buy IKEA – DIGNITET Curtain Wire, Stainless Steel: Window Hardware Sets no help at all, all you need is common sense, patience and follow the instructions. The items shown here are a Dignitet system from Ikea. .. else mentioned that, and it’s not that obvious from the instructions, but when you go to.

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I then put tension on the cable, and trimmed it so it would seat into the holder all dignitef way. Hi Liz, what could you tell me the type, size, and store fignitet for the screws and fasteners that you used? The left one holds the wire, the right one is attached to the wall, and the center one connects them and tightens the wire once it’s attached. The bed in our sample is a king headboard, which is apx.

The “wire” is actually a thin, braided cable, so wire cutters are necessary to keep the ends from fraying. The fact that the installation instructions are all pictorial was not a problem, the assembly was easy. The 17mm spacing they indicate you should use is good, especially if you’re doing a long room and the wire tends to sag more during installation. The curtain-clip feature is also quite versatile in terms of making my own curtains quickly and digniget.

So, I asked my husband Bob who is always a good sport and really tall to bring his years of experience as a builder to the table to show you how to install this very cool cable wire system. At first I thought it wouldn’t make any difference if the wires at the ends of the “rope” were separated -thought I could twist them back together again, but I couldn’t.


Supplies Human helper Note: Your pictures and step by step instructions just made my rignitet easier!

I just installed this today for a room divider in a small room. Look, ignore the negative reviews. I had to recut the edges with great patience, cutting each single wire one at a time, twisting the “rope” gently so that the wires would not unravel or mangel.

Now hold the left cylinder so it doesn’t turn, and turn the middle cylinder to take up the slack! The instructions show how to do this, but it’s easy even if you don’t have instructions. However, despite how I pulled the “rope” to tighten the slack, I just couldn’t level it out. Does one just pull it? Trish Koby – The links for these are also at the very top of the article. You may need longer cable. The only trouble is it’s pretty tricky to install.

Once that was done, the ends of the “rope” did fit into the small holes of the bracket. T hanks in advance! There is a less-expensive version of this from Ikea, and if I had it to do over again, I would buy that one.

Installing Cable Wire for Hanging Curtains

I would like to know if you remember the size of the screws, I’m interested in the width. When you get the correct position, tape the string to the ceiling. I’m confused about how much fabric to use? Thanks for the easy directions!

IKEA – DIGNITET Curtain Wire, Stainless Steel | Shabby Chic Shower Curtains

I had to bring in the big guns for this project as my own ‘power tool’ experience leans more towards sewing machines than drills. Do you know what the Pottery Barn may name their system? Skip to main content. It’s beautiful and it’s cheap. Mount the bases, then snap the covers digntet them. Victoria T – there is a special part you seat the cable into and they provide a special allen wrench to tighten the wire to create the tension.


Mount the post bracket with post and slide the cover plate over it. ddignitet

Installing Cable Wire for Hanging Curtains | Sew4Home

It’s screwed to the wall. I’m afraid it’s been so long ago on this installation that we can’t confirm the tightening system. We found a very similar system at Pottery Barn. One time I lived in an old building with plaster walls rather than drywall, and the plaster stuck to the wall-mounts like crazy when I took it down.

Keep in mind that rafters are 16″ to 24″ apart; if you can locate one, you can measure against the ceiling to find the others you need. I understand you innstructions two insstructions of fasteners one type to set up and one type afterwards.

Answer when your time permits. Make sure the hole in the post where the cable goes is lined up in the same direction of the next post!

Use the supplied Allen wrench to loosen the tiny nuts on the left side. You have ikae screw the bases into the wall. You might want to reach out to a window covering expert with your situation. Oh, and to the people complaining about having to buy screws separately: If you can’t attach this to wall studs, you might just want to go with ceiling curtain rod brackets ad a very lightweight curtain rod all of which Ikea happens to have for a lot, lot less than Home Depot.