You will see how iLogic and the Inventor API are able to automate Inventor My First Inventor Plug-in, a self-paced tutorial project for newbie’s and power. inventorbadgepx iLogic is a tool inside Inventor software so you can build custom rules and logic in your design allowing you to add. INTRODUCTION This tutorial will provide you with a hands-on introduction to Autodesk® Inventor™ iLogic. iLogic extends the computational capabilities within .

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I’d like to create a template for the adapter fitting seen here, which changes dimensions based on the fitting and plate sizes.

Inventor iLogic Design Copy

What do you need to know before you use this course? In order to monitor this distance, I need to create a driven dimension. This tutorial is only the tip of the iceberg — using iLogic, we can monitor and enforce things like part color, weight, and more. Entire site Article Author Event News. Commenting code is often something that is either forgotten or over-used. Enforcing Standards with iLogic 6 Apr, By: This way, any time you wish to make a change to the Rule in question, you first have to check the file out, and then check it tutirial in when complete.

Another trick that Visual Studio has up its sleeve which would be useful in Inventor iLogic is the ability to auto-expand any instance of three apostrophe characters preceding a method into a block of text resembling this: Please let us know. Snippets are your friend The Snippets available in the iLogic Unventor Editor are by me anyway an underused addition to the iLogic toolset: Sheet Metal Design Inventor Ideal Gas Law and Gas Constants. Please send any technical comments or questions to our webmaster.

Click to Watch Sample Lessons. All exclusively from Cadalyst! This will Force explicit declaration of all variables in an Inventor iLogic rule.

The driven dimension that we’ll be monitoring. Then, expand the MessageBox section of the Snippets panel and double-click on the Show snippet.


The easiest way to keep things simple is to limit each method to an absolute maximum of 10 variables. Among its many attributes are: User Tools This installer contains the following tools: The iLogic rule is finished.

Since the distance between the fitting and the part’s edge is described by the reference parameter we created above, it’s easy to see how we can put this iolgic in Inventor’s language. It is worth noting however that without even an Express version of Visual Studio installed, you will receive the following error and be unable to proceed with the installation: The above is a good example of a limited number of variables leading to easily maintained code.

No, You Can’t Do That: Enforcing Standards with iLogic | Cadalyst

When you next attempt to edit this piece of code, the lack of comments will likely mean spending half a day or more getting to grips with what the code is doing. TEDCF Publishing uses our own cookies as well as third party cookies to help iloogic your experience on our website as described in our Privacy Policy.

Solid Modeling Inventor Building Smart Templates Now that you’ve cut down on some repetitive modeling, let’s take things to the next level: You can also browse through the lessons from the following Inventor courses and watch sample lessons from each course. This snippet will tell Inventor to display a message box if the above tutogial is satisfied.

inentor Lastly, I find an easy way of creating a repository of iLogic rules is to simply create a sub-folder in Vault and check the files in. Show “There is not enough clearance. The ilogci it takes varies depending on your Internet speed. Custom snippets contain parts of actual rules, which you can place into your rules and use them without any modifications: Download links never expire and you can download as many times as you need.

It is not something I would recommend to anyone starting out. Vaulted iLogic is Good iLogic Lastly, I find an easy way of creating a repository of iLogic rules is to simply create a sub-folder in Vault and check the files in.


In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Inventor’s iloglc functionality to make sure your designs are compliant — every time.

This will allow you to save off your template in the appropriate location. A trick I picked up because of this topic of mine is that although VB.

Inventor iLogic Design Copy – video dailymotion

We’ll be writing rules to monitor these parameters; for instance, if a part always needs to be less than five inches in length, we’ll create a rule that keeps an eye on our Length parameter. There is a good chance that somebody on the Autodesk Forums will have either already used the methods available within iLogic to do what you want to do with them, or at the very least be able to offer pointers as to how to achieve your goal.

It is worth noting however that without even an Express version of Visual Studio installed, you will receive the following error and be unable to proceed with the installation:.

Visual Studio Visual Studio Express is the minimum required to install the a fore-mentioned Developer Tools and is especially useful if you are serious about working with the Inventor API.

It’s easy to do this in Inventor — just model up the template you’d like to work with and navigate to Inventor’s Save As menu. Since we are enforcing standards, let’s have Inventor display an error message if the clearance distance is less than 1″. You’ll need to replace the Title and Message fields with your own text: Download links never expire.

This will provide a template for our logical statement. Use this Autodesk Inventor functionality to ensure that all your designs are compliant.

Here, you can see the reference parameter that I’ve created using the Driven Dimension tool. Once registered you can install the course onto your computer from the Jnventor or from our server.