The iManager U inherits all the functions of the original T, N BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment. OBN iManager N BMS Introduction ISSUE CJH, CJH, iManager N BMS Advanced Operation and CJL, CJL, iManager N BMS Operation Training (MSAN),

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Connection Management By using the U, you can manage service virtual ports and traffic profiles. Basic attributes are physical attributes of the interface. These lines can be managed by EMSs provided by different imanagre.

An industry-leading security policy design, configuration, and management system is worked out upon the aim of making a security configuration and management center. Report The report that is generated manually in a real-time fashion. This imqnager realizes the protection of any imanagger port by performing board-level switching. The details of a trail group include direction, name, trail status, source and sink, source and sink wavelength, bearer rate, rate, and service type.

In addition, this function helps to quickly locate a network fault, which improves the efficiency of alarm locating. When a fiber is cut off, the optical amplifier board detects the signal loss at the station. In addition, different application processes are integrated into the system by means of registry files.

The password rules involve the minimum password length of common users, minimum password length of superusers, and maximum password length.

Networkwide Alarm Browsing Alarm display is classified into alarm panel display, alarm topology display, and alarm browsing. In this manner, the load is balanced. The threshold can be divided into crossing threshold and defect threshold. A signal sent downstream in a digital network if an upstream failure has been detected imahager persists for a certain time. In addition, ROADM enables power equalization at path level through a built-in power equalization function, and thus adjusts power for pass-through paths in a better way than a band-based dynamic gain equalizer DGE does.

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Performance Performance events usually have upper and lower thresholds. In the case of network failure, the communication channel between the U and its managed network is interrupted. This mode does not involve the spectrum analyzer unit, and is thus cost-effective. These nodes are connected by using Ethernet or data communications channel DCC. Posted imanageg Joshua koo at 7: Bmw the user confirms the event, the user needs to manually issue a command to adjust the attenuations of each station on the link.

To perform end-to-end network management by using the U, you need to have immanager required license. The policy packages verifying function ensures the mianager of policy package configurations and correlations among the policies within the same policy package. A GUI in the U, which reflects the network structure. In addition, traffic of different VLANs passes through corresponding trails, which provides a well load balancing mechanism. You can directly configure services on devices through GUIs.

In this case, you can query the current alarm of the NE from the shortcut menu. The script files supported by the U consist of networkwide configuration files, NMS naming file, NE configuration file, Imznager list files, server computer information files, service implementation configuration file, network-layer information files, and network simulation and planning information files. Attribute Property of an object. Convention Description Boldface The keywords of a command line are in boldface.

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N N no larger than 3 linear MSP. Query the input power, output power, and power thresholds for SDH boards.

This greatly reduces the operation and maintenance investment of large-scale networks. The equivalent coefficient refers to the ratio of the resources used by physical NEs or ports to the resources used by equivalent NEs.

The report subsystem provides Web-based report generation, distribution, and management functions.


iManager N2000 BMS

The running status of the resources used by the current service, such as an interface, a VRF, or a VSI, can be displayed in the related topology view, thus helping you to quickly locate faults. It can report and handle a defect.

It indicates the virtual channel in the path. Figure shows the networking diagram. Query the PWs that a tunnel carries. The alarm conditions include the alarm name, alarm severity, alarm function type, alarm rising time, alarm status, or a combination of any preceding items. The single-point Web configuration is a proxy-based Web access mode. You can dynamically adjust the MSP bandwidth according to the service demands and how the network imanaber is used currently to improve the utilization of network bandwidth.

The topology view can be planned according to the domain, maintenance relationship and so on. You can set the U to periodically disable certain NE functions that may affect services, such as loopback and ALS. Hence, the U and NEs are usually connected through an external DCN that consists of equipment such as switches and routers.

In this case, the user has the permissions of the user groups besides those of the user.

imanger Therefore, in a single-server system, an NMS must be deployed for temporary network monitoring. You can build the configuration data of end-to-end RTN IP network management by searching for the data at the NE layer of the U, or directly configure the data at the network layer of the U, and apply the data to all the relevant NEs.

P Path protection The working principle of path protection: