In June , journalist Pico Iyer wrote an essay in praise of the humble comma for Time magazine that for the first time made punctuation. Jennifer Rienzo ~ COMM ~ Online ActivityCritical Analysis of Pico Iyer s In Praise of the Humble Comma 1. Identify the thesis of Iyer s essay. Pico Iyer is giving punctuation more credit. Nobody realizes how important these simple marks actually are. Iyer says, “Punctuations are like.

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When I wrote my little essay about the comma 26 years ago, I was really writing about love.

Why we need the comma more than ever beforeā€¦

Anonymous 10 October at The beauty of English language will be incomplete without the comma, which adds to the expressions and meaning of sentences. More from The Times of India. Popping in a comma can be like slipping on the necklace that gives an outfit quiet elegance, or like catching the sound of running water that complements, as it completes, the silence of a Japanese landscape.

Websites 4 Contests 6 Craft: Fowler, King of English Usage. It seems just a slip of a thing, a pedant’s tick, a blip on the edge of our consciousness, a kind of printer’s smudge almost.

Reign of Thoughts: Balance and Harmony: In Praise of the Humble Comma

So, if there is an essay that parise this theme in a humorous way, it could be a very good idea to attract people who do not feel appealed by other kind of material about this issue. Oh, yes, and National Punctuation Day is September But the same could be said — could it not? Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet. Refresh If you already turned off the Ad Blocker.


The hot-blooded Spaniard seems to be revealed in the passion and urgency of his doubled exclamation points and question marks “Caramba! Punctuation, one is taught, has a point: Anonymous 13 March at Do you agree with Prof McWhorter? The comma can turn an attack into a caress and a lecture into a mere statement of possibility.

It has a music without sharps humbld flats.

RWA Con ’10 8 Business: And no one scans a letter so closely as a lover, searching for its small print, straining to hear its nuances, its gasps, its sighs and hesitations, poring over the secret messages that lie in every cadence. Keira Soleore is a pseudonym. Any instance hujble the difference it can make?

Labels anecdote 10 article 5 assignment 1 books 7 class experience 2 courses 2 education 3 feelings 4 festivals 2 g 1 general interest 94 history 1 homework 1 lenguayexpresionescrita isdf reading writing 9 listening 1 literature 2 movie 25 news 18 novel 27 opinion 16 play 2 poem 15 reading 13 recipe 3 review 1 prise story 49 song 11 teacher training 8 teacher’s resources 7 technology 1 theatre 1 TV 1 tv programme 1 writing 1. RWA Con ’08 12 Business: Naipaul, in his latest novel, writes, “He was a middle-aged man, with ppraise the first comma can seem a little precious.

In an email conversation I had with Iyer last week, he said he still believes in the power of pauses and that the comma is actually about love. Not using the comma can give rise to ambiguity. Punctuation thus becomes the signature of cultures. Here’s an interview of him by Scott London. The difference between “Jane whom I adore ” and “Jane, whom I adore,” and the difference between them both and “Jane — whom I adore — ” marks all the distance between ecstasy and heartache.


Punctuation, in fact, is a labor of love. Thus all these tiny scratches give us breadth and heft and depth. Cummings first felt free to commit “God” to the lower case. We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for tye. And taking the time to punctuate where it is necessary, though it may seem a harsh job, it is the way to highlight a text as a whole.

It has a jackboot rhythm. Punctuation adjusts the tone and color and volume till the feeling comes into perfect focus: Edwardian 1 Humor 46 Leisure 6 Leisure: Newer Post Older Post Home. Yet punctuation is something more than a culture’s birthmark; it scores the music in our minds, gets our thoughts moving to the rhythm of our hearts. Only a vomma notices the small things: Punctuation, then, is a matter of care.