Dr. Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda () was a Filipino polymath, nationalist and the most prominent advocate for reforms in the. The Indolence of the Filipinos is a study of the causes why the people did not, . As what Jose Rizal stated that Fipinos, before the coming of the Spaniards are. Summary: Rizal admits that laziness does be among the Filipinos. but it can non be attributed to the problems and retardation of the state.

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Among cereals and fruits he mentions rice, millet, oranges, lemons, panicum, etc. Information about Project Gutenberg one page We produce about two million dollars for each hour we lndolence. A little later, these same survivors captured a vessel, plundered and sacked it, add took prisoner in it the chief of the Island of Paragua!

Summary of Dr. Jose Rizal’s the indolence of the Filipinos? Example For Students | Artscolumbia

Thus, while they attempt to make of the native a kind of animal, vet in exchange they demand of him divine actions. La Indolencia de los Filipinos, more popularly known in its English version, “The Indolence of the Filipinos,” is a exploratory essay written by Philippine national hero Dr.

In the view of some this is expedient so that a colony may be a colony; perhaps they are right, but not to the effect that a colony may flourish.

Please be encouraged to tell us about any error or corrections, even years after the official publication fjlipino. Rizal ends by inquiring what so would hold caused Filipinos to bury their yesteryear. In the warriors of Luzon took part in the formidable contests of Sumatra, and under the orders of Angi Siry Timor, Rajah of Batta, conquered and overthrew the terrible Alzadin, Sultan of Atchin, renowned in the historical annals of the Far East. Do not change or edit the header without written permission.

Sobre la indolencia de los filipinos

Rizal is such a passionate writer. Anonymous March 4, at 7: The patient wants to eat, it wants to breathe the fresh air, but as such desires may offend the susceptibility of the physician who thinks that he has already provided everything necessary, it suffers and pines away from fear of receiving scolding, of getting another plaster and a new blood-letting, and so on indefinitely.

What does it inspir I just wanted to keep putting up snaps every other paragraph. But we must not take the exception for the general rule, and should rather seek the good of our country by stating what we believe to be true. This production, which bears neither signature nor sign of authorship, is dated April 13, There is no encouragement, at all for the manufacturer or for the farmer; the government furnishes no aid either when poor crop comes, when the locusts 23 sweep over the fields, or when a cyclone destroys in its passage the wealth of the soil; nor does it take any trouble to seek a market for the products of its colonies.


The Chinaman who in other colonies cultivates the soil does so only for a certain number of years and then retires. The natives lost any real interest in being slaves, and reduced their efforts.

Among men, as well as among nations, there exist not only aptitudes but also tendencies toward good and evil. Why should it do so when these same products are burdened with taxes and imposts and have not free entry into the ports, of the mother country, nor is their consumption there encouraged? One must study the causes of indolence, Rizal says, before curing it.

Other outside groups like the Spanish, Chinese, and others decided that if they worked longer and harder the Jose Rizal was a philosopher hero of the Philippines who was executed by the Spanish army for his trouble. Pigafetta tells us of cock-fights and of bets in the Island of Paragua.

A proverb of his says that the pig is cooked in its own lard, and as indolejce his bad qualities he has the good one of applying to himself all the criticisms and censures he prefers to live miserable and indolent, rather than play the part of the wretched beast of burden.

The effects of the deplorably bad economics of Spain in its trade relations are still felt in the Peninsula. It is necessary that his spirit, although it may be dismayed and cowed by the elements and the fearful manifestation of their mighty forces, store kf energy, seek high purposes, in order to struggle against obstacles in the midst of unfavorable natural conditions.

Anonymous November 16, at 2: It’s never an intention of mine to plagiarize any works, It was actually the summary I was after. Surrounded by a numerous train of servants, never going afoot but riding in a carriage, needing servants not only to take off their shoes for them but even to fan them!

Seriously, this didn’t just help me in my assignment, but it opened my eyes to the truth of why our country’s people are like this.

Ingratitude, to-day as then, is the regular rejoinder to the progressing people’s protest against paternalism, and altruistic regard for their real welfare is still represented as the reason why special legislation should be provided when Filipinos prefer the same laws as govern the sovereign people.

The Life and Works of Rizal: The Indolence of the Filipinos: Summary and Analysis

Though written a hundred years ago, it’s still applicable today. Newer Post Older Post Home. As what Jose Rizal stated that Fipinos, before the coming of the Spaniards are hardworking and industrious, howeverduring the Spanish time, they were forced to do infrastructure, they have neglected to focus on agriculture, etc.

I found his arguments that explain the perceived indolence of Filipino. Which is indolent, the native coadjutor, poorly paid and badly treated, who has to visit all the indigent sick living in the country, or the friar curate who gets fabulously rich, goes about in a carriage, eats and drinks well, and does not put himself to any trouble without collecting excessive fees?


Jam Caballero rated it liked it Sep 28, This and the abuse suffered under encomenderos have caused many to abandon the fields. A man in the Philippines is only an individual, he is not a member of a nation. The word balasa baraja, playing-card proves that the introduction of playing-cards was not due to the Chinese, who have a kind of playing-cards also, because in that case they would have taken the Chinese name.

Iyara rated it liked it Dec 08, The curate says that the rich man will not go to heaven The rich man on earth is liable to all kinds of trouble, to be appointed a cabeza de barangay, to be deported if an uprising occurs, to be forced banker of the military chief of the town, who to reward him for favors received seizes his laborers and his stock, in order to force him to beg for mercy, and thus easily pays up.

Summary of Dr. Jose Rizal’s the indolence of the Filipinos?

Joshua Partos rated it it rhe amazing Nov 13, Perhaps the reply to this will be that white men are not made to stand the severity of the climate. With no arms to defend themselves, the natives were killed, their houses burned, and their lands destroyed.

Add to this condition of disorder the invasion of Limahong, add the continual wars into which the inhabitants of the Philippines were plunged to maintain the honor of Spain, to extend the sway of her flag in Borneo, in riizal Moluccas and in Ojse to repel the Dutch foe: May 16, Johnlord rated it it was amazing.

We say the same about gambling: Rizal has seen what many of our leaders cannot see up to this point in time. What future awaits him who distinguishes himself, him who studies, who rises above the crowd? Anonymous August 16, at 8: Like people, like government, we will say in paraphrase of a popular adage. The fact that the best plantations, the best tracts of land in some provinces, those that from their easy access are more profitable than others, are in the hands of the religious corporations, whose desideratum is ignorance and a condition of semi-starvation for the native, so that they may continue to govern him and make themselves necessary to his wretched existence, is one of the reasons why many towns do not progress in spite of the efforts of their inhabitants.

Indolence in the Philippines is a chronic malady, but not a hereditary one. Anonymous October 15, at 3: This citation is translated directly from the original Italian Ms.

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