Buy Infocus ScreenPlay Like New: Video Projectors – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. InFocus’s Screenplay home theater projector, is almost certainly the most widely owned entry level home theater projector out there. First thing to note, is that the Screenplay comes out of the box with This is a side by side of the InFocus Screenplay projector – on.

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While for my own use, I’d spend the extra dollars and get a projector with higher resolution InFocus offers those as wellthe is a remarkable achievement and an excellent value. The is capable of displaying all the resolution present on a DVD, but higher resolution projectors do produce a smoother looking image.

Even when I ingocus to replace the bulb I got it with less than hrs of use on a hr bulbI won’t mind because it will still give me more screen for 480 money 485 a regular television. There is no lens shift capability provided with the While the resolution of the is limited, it does just about everything else right. This measurement was made using the Film gamma setting.

InFocus ScreenPlay SP DLP Projector | eBay

InFocus has obviously used their experience to produce a line of excellent 16×9 DLP-based projectors that directly target the HT market. Perhaps it was the combination of excellent contrast ratio, image brightness, gamma tracking, and good D65 grayscale that made the image look so good. I’ve wanted one for four years and finally was able to get one. This was a projector I really enjoyed watching for the few weeks I had access to it.

It is a real treat to find such a complete a menu system in an entry-level projector. Although the has far less resolution than my reference projector, in all other aspects of image quality it is right up with the best.

Gamma Tracking The other thing we can measure is Gamma Tracking, or how the light output of the projector responds to the input signal. Save on Home Theater Projectors Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Since I’ve had it, the day I got it, I plugged it in and watch it every night.


HD looked good as well, much better than standard definition TV, but again the image was not as smooth or detailed as with projectors of higher resolution. I could use some fancy screen material that I own, but if you placed the images off the material vs the wall you can see a quality difference, but if you don’t play that game, no one sees anything but a great picture and are amazed as the wall turns into an adventure each and every time. To achieve these levels of contrast ratio and brightness, while accurately tracking D65, is a remarkable achievement for any projector, and especially one at this price point.

It’s a very workable system, but one that takes getting used to, if your thumb naturally hits the button on the left to move left in a menu. I currently watch movies on my wall in 16’x 9′, yes, 16 feet by 9 feet. This is as well calibrated a projector as I have ever seen, right out of the box after minimal user level adjustments. Measurements When I evaluate a projector, I not only look at images, I measure the color balance of the projector at various light intensity levels and determine the quality of what is called Grayscale Tracking.

Collaboration and Visualization Solutions | InFocus

When I have people over they are amazed at the size and color of the picture that bounces off a light grey wall. The pan back from the building was fine, the leaves showed a bit of twitter typicaland the waving US flag looked great with no sign of jaggies. It should be noted however that the has a considerable vertical offset in the image, such that the projector’s lens need to be placed below the screen, by That being saidit is one of the best camera’s for the money around.

The source can be manually or automatically selected.

I watched the for several inflcus and never once felt the need to revert to my reference projector, or one of the other projectors to which I have access. The controls that cycle between the three user presets or memories are welcome, but here is a case where I would like to see discrete buttons rather than a toggle.


I was wrong, the actually produced a very pleasing image.

InFocus ScreenPlay SP4805 Home Theater Projector

Game enthusiasts love using the InFocus ScreenPlay with their video game systems because the it projects super-sized characters that make the experience come to life in a way not possible with a television or other smaller display devices.

You can read more about the testing method in my past projector reviews on Secrets, or at http: I don’t like SDE.

Controls The lighted remote control is simple, with just enough buttons to do the job, like toggling inputs, switching aspect ratios, picture modes, or navigating the on-screen menu system. Scaler and Deinterlacer — the Video Essentials Montage. Most relevant infofus See all 12 reviews. The also has audio inputs and a 2. In the High mode, the light output was Some readers may notice that the data points in the Gamma Tracking graph and others do not iinfocus up with the nominal IRE values on the X axis.

I was bothered by rainbows when watching DLP-based projectors that were available a few infocud ago, but the uses of a six-segment color wheel, and rainbows were really not an issue for me with this projector.

Also included is a 12V trigger for use with equipment such as an electric screen. The good news for those that enjoy inflcus their projector to get the most accurate picture, is that the has an Advanced Menu, as a Picture submenu, where one can adjustable Color Temperature as well as Color Control. This projector has a better picture than ones costing times as much. I watch movies, internet, play PS3.

Results Following User Innfocus Tweaking. My very first business projector was an InFocus, many years ago when they were about the only ones in the business. It’s just awesome and wayyyy better than just a regular tv.

I want p and at an affordable price! Show less Show more.