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Operations research has been described as a method, an approach, a set of techniques, a team activity, a combination of many disciplines, an extension of particular disciplines mathematics, engineering, and economicsa new discipline, a vocation, even a religion.

Some groups were first formed by the British Air Force and later the American armed forces formed similar groups, one of the groups in Britain came to be known as Blackett’s Circus.

The distinctive approach is to develop a scientific model of the system incorporating measurements of factors such as chance and risk, iintroduction which to predict and compare the outcomes of alternative decisions, strategies or controls.

Symbolic models are precise and abstract and can be analyzed and manipulated by using Laws of mathematics. Symbolic models can be classified into the following two categories. Claim and complaint procedure, and public accounting. In these models, however, one does not attempt to choose the best decision alternative, but can only have an idea about the possible alternatives available to him.

Dynamic programming may be considered as an outgrowth of mathematical programming, in solving the optimization of multistage sequence of interrelated decisions decision processes, The method slams by dividing a given problem into stages or sub problems and then solves those sub problems sequentially until the solution to the original problem is obtained.

Since these models check the consequence only for a given condition or alternative rather than for all conditions, there is no guarantee that an alternative selected with the aid of descriptive analysis is optimal. Operations research is a scientific method of providing executive departments with a quantitative basis for decisions regarding the operations under their control.


For example, to study the now of material through a factory, a scaled diagram on paper showing the factory floor, position or equipment, tools, and workers can be constructed. These models use symbols letters, numbers and functions to represent variables arid their relationships for describing the properties of the system. It would not be necessary to give details such as the color of machines, the heights of the workers, or the temperature of the building.

DaellenbachJohn A. Classification Based on Method of Solution or Quantification. A decision, which taking into account all the present circumstances can be considered the best one, is called an optimal decision.

By the s OR groups were formed in several organizations. In this book, a large number OR models have been discussed in detail. These models arc broadly applied to problems involving decision-making under risk and uncertainty. These models have been used to test brand loyalty and brand switching tendencies of consumers, where each system state is considered to be a particular brand purchase.

It started publishing a journal, Decision Science, in The solution to such models is then obtained by applying suitable mathematical techniques. This is an indication of the fact that OR can also contribute towards the improvement of the social life and of areas of global need. In general models are classified in resrarch ways as shown in Table 1.

The relationship among velocity, distance and acceleration is an example of a mathematical model. Thus, in such a case where the outcome associated with a particular course of action is known, i.

Operations Research Introduction (Lecter notes): QABD Unit -I Introduction to Operations Research

In other words, these models are used to predict the outcomes of a given set of alternatives for the problem. On the other hand, over simplifying the problem can also lead to a poor decision.

When the solution values or decision variables of a problem are restricted to being integer values or just zero-one values, the problem is classified as an integer programming problem or a zero-one programming problem, respectively.

The cost of holding or carrying extra inventory, the cost of shortage or delay in the delivery of items when it is needed and the cost of ordering or setup. However, it is possible to predict a pattern of values of both the variables by their probability distribution.


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These models are especially used for predicting the behavior of a particular system under various conditions. But if the activities require more than one resource and conversely, if the resources can be used for more than one activity than the allocation problem is classified as a transportation problem.

Inhe developed the concept of linear programming, the solution of which is found by a method known as simplex yechniques.

In the same year, The Institute of Management Sciences TIMS was founded as an international society to identify, extend and unify scientific knowledge pertaining to management. Today, reseafch, service organizations such as banks, hospitals, libraries, airlines, railways, etc. Operatilns linear programming, many other techniques of OR, such as statistical quality control, dynamic programming, queuing theory and inventory theory were well-developed before the end of the Operations Research has been defined so far in various ways and still not been defined in an authoritative way.

Introduction to operations research techniques

Because of OR’s multi-disciplinary character and its application in varied fields, it has a bright future, provided people devoted to the study of OR can help meet the needs of society. If the decision variables in the linear programming problem depend on chance the problem is called a stochastic programming problem. These models arc classified according to several factors such as number of competitors, sum of loss and gain, and the type of strategy which would yield the best or the worst outcomes.

This tendency forces to think more rigorously and carefully about the models we intend to use. Since at least one decision variable is random therefore, an independent variable, which is the function of dependent variable swill also be random.

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