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Nevertheless the text as it stands now is to be preferred to the emendation, which can be accepted only if serious reasons make it compulsory. According to Biblia Patristica, vol. If at least the Old Testament is in fact an archive and not an authoritative guide in itself, then inspiration must be a reality connected both with the author and the community. Nicodim Aghioritul – Cele mai frumoase rugaciuni ale Ortodoxiei. Morariu Iuliu Ovidiu – Prezente patristice contemporane.

Generally three sorts of interpretations were meted out by modern exegetes regarding the imprecatory psalms. Agapitos – Sfantul Nectarie, Sfantul Iubirii. Octavian Pop – Lumina pentru suflet. Otherwise the topic is consequently avoided in the academic studies, articles or sermons in the Orthodox Church.

Fericitul Augustin | Psaltirea

Iustin Parvu – Apoftegme. Babus – Aspecte ale istoriei si spiritualitatii Bizantului. A second exegetical direction was proposed by one of the most illustrious representatives of the Antiochian school of exegesis, St.

Robert Davidson, The Vitality of Worship: Nevertheless a group of commentaries tried to soften the brutality and assumed that vv. Tesu – Rugaciunea in Filocalie. Iustin Parvu – Isvor al demnitatii romanesti.

Soin, he defends the Christian recourse to the imprecatory psalms and recommends the allegory for reading them against our own sins Exegesis in Acts 1: Craig Wheeler – Cosmic Catastrophes. Modern scholars vary regarding the reception of the psalm in the church, from rejecting to pray such curses to the total and literal reading.


ioan sorin usca v t in talcuirea sfintilor parinti leviticul []

The paper discusses the reality of the prayer against the enemies in the OT, analyzing as sogin study case Ps. Valentin Victor Jerca, F.

Iustin Parvu – Hristos nu va fi invins niciodata. Indeed, in both testaments of Scripture two reactions toward enmity are exampled: In fact he is much closer to the historical- critical approach regarding the dating of this imprecatory psalm. Being primarily an archive of ancient texts, and not a corpus of laws, the OT seems not to have an authority in se, but depends on an external authority coming from the community.

Caracteristicile pietei romanesti pentru externali Regarding the date, the psalm is probably post-exilic. Vasile cel Mare – Sfanta Mucenita Iulita. In fact the command to love the enemy appeared in the Old Testament as well Exod. So, despite the attempt made by Patristic exegesis to change the imprecations into futuristic descriptions, the meaning established through philological analysis is that Ps.

Historically these psalms are a witness of what was ascribed once to God. For Theodoretus the imprecations imperatives must be understood as prophecies futures: The core of the poem, full with imprecations, is to be found in vv.

In memoriam Hubert Schumann Tesu – Virtutile crestine. Walter Brueggemann, pastor in the United Church of Christ a mainline denomination rooted in the Reformed traditionnotes that Ps. The same archivist way of thinking could be discerned in the making of the Talmud, where different opinions of the rabbis were recorded one after another. PsalmsBaker Books, Grand Rapids,p. Needless to add that the present Jews celebrate the Passover in a completely different way.


The Prayer against the Enemies: If earlier in the Orthodox biblical studies a separation was made between the inspiration and the canonicity, namely that the biblical canonization is not a required condition for a book to be inspired, because Patristic writings are inspired as well as the Scripture84, now a further separation need to be ascertained, between the inspiration and the authority.

BA in Finance and Banks, University of Translated into Romanian in different dialect areas, in different historic moments Tzavaras – Amintiri despre batranul Porfirie. The Scripture itself interprets Scripture in a loose mode, without paying attention to the strict wording.

Valer Bel – Ingerii cazuti si inceputul raului in lume. Day, who wrote a PhD thesis about the imprecatory psalms71, reaches the following conclusions: Iustin Popovici – Biserica si Statul ftp: Gazeta Wyborcza Wydanie Specjalne Skip to main content. Electronic Books Or E-Books. COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies.

Despite all this, the imperatives and jussives are well attested in the imprecatory psalms to refute such mistranslations of the temps. This view is widespread among the liberal critics, especially in the German Lutheran milieu. Remember me Forgot password?