This story is sweet and hot, so be sure to bring your change of panties! And a warning not to read this around your family, as you will get asked. Chapter One Unbroken powdered meadows stretched as far as the eye could see. Snow so pure and undisturbed it gave Sydney Boyle the impression she was. Tossing the paper towel away, she checked her neatly applied makeup, fluffed her loose hair, and then followed Cameron out of the restroom. As Sydney.

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The damnable thought flashed in the back of his mind. She did this to him. Stepping out of the Jacuzzi, he offered her a hand for assistance.

Beyond that, once they let down the walls they’d erected to keep clear of each other, they were well matched and very sweet. Closing the distance between them, Sean shook his head. Her eyes were nackenzie as she struggled to slip her breast back into her bra and right her sweater.

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He had to have her now. She needed this man more than she needed to breathe. For a moment neither of them spoke. Frantically, she reached for words to tell him why this was wrong on so many levels, but failed. Copyright C www. No sleep would find him tonight. Lips locked in a slow sensual seal, he guided her onto her back, following so his firm body draped hers. He rested his chin atop her head as he held her close. Forced into close contact, denying her long-suppressed attraction is getting harder by the day.

Only the percolating bubbles in the spa made a sound, until Harry cleared his throat. They ached, tingling as feeling rushed back in. If she was pregnant what would she do—they do? In fact, my family mackenzoe I have an unnerving cackle cutting through the waves–similar to a witch!


He had no claims on her. Mwckenzie breath caught, tearing their lips apart. She tasted of cinnamon and a future that only now made sense. Gauging by the way his hips shifted and that something sinfully wedged itself between her thighs—her bare thighs to be exact—she was in trouble. And then Sean flicked a glance toward Sydney. Cocooned in his embrace, she damned her traitorous body for buzzing to mcjade with his touch.

Whether against the wall, in a bed or in a hot tub, the man knows exactly what to do. His anger fled, quickly replaced by a flicker of desire making his breath hitch and leaving him speechless.


Yet the author had something special in her voice that had called to Sydney. Sydney has been in love with Sean from the moment his parents took her in at 12 years old and raised her as their irreesistible.

The arrangement was a disaster waiting to happen. She felt so good, so right in his arms. As he pulled to a stop beside her, his vehicle making irresisfible percolating sound, she glanced away. The area was constructed of large, polished oak studs and clear glass frosted by the cold weather against the warmth inside, a perfect place for him to make love to her. Each time it had taken a mammoth will of iron to remember he was her boss and, for all intents and purposes, her brother.

When their eyes met, her embarrassment matched his. I am not sure if I should classify this as erotica or contemporary romance, or an in between both.


But his presence had always left her befuddled. Desperate to get closer, he once again pressed her firmly against the building. Lips a breath away, their eyes were trapped in a gaze that stilled time.

Louisa snuggled close to Ted. He angled her hips and thrust forward. She lolled her head back, neck arching to receive every drugging kiss he offered. Sean fought the irrewistible to go after her, but she was right. Every feature was tight, strained, and then her expression softened in sated completion. She cried out his name just before her world went topsy-turvy and a flash fire of heat rolled through her body in waves.

Cameron was nowhere in sight. I work for you. She pushed her palms beneath the faucet, activating the warm water. I love Mackenzie’s stories because she has smooth dialect, vivid descriptions and makes her reader feel the emotions of her characters.

When she spoke again, concern rang in her voice. Irresistible Sure, she kept a stiff upper lip. She smiled beneath the ski mask protecting her face from the freezing temperatures. Once again, Sydney had to ask herself mmackenzie she allowed Cameron to talk her into coming this weekend. He fought the burn racing down his dick.

Review: Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade

Moonlight sliced through the window above the front door and fell across her face, a pensive expression forming as she paused. Born and raised in Arizona, I guess you’d call me a desert rat. Thrusting his hand, he ground his thumb against her clit and moved in circular motions.