Software/Hardware used: As Asked: September 10, AM Last updated: October 25, PM. Related Questions. Spool · FILES. Here’s the code to transfer a spool file to a text file in order to print it from a PC or include it in a Dig Deeper on iSeries system performance and monitoring. AS/ Spool Files file hyperlinks to computer files · Convert digital files to CFE file · Convert Spool file to DB file · Convert JAR file to APK file.

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Why would anyone want an automated process? Specifies a user-defined physical database file to which the spooled records will be copied.

IBM Systems Magazine – Automating Spool File Processing

Qualified job name Optional Qualifier 1: Line 3 assigned to channel 1 Line 15 assigned to channel 4. Print lines that are all blank are not copied. When you copy a spooled file to a physical file, certain information is lost or changed.

To data base file name Specify the file name of the physical file to receive the copy.

The range of valid line numbers is 1 through If this file does not exist at the time of the copy, the copy iseires fail. Where allowed to run: They can reside in different libraries. The newly copied data is added to data existing in the member. More Articles From Michael Ryan.


This parameter is considered after the job name, user name, job number, spooled file name, spooled file number, and ro system name parameter requirements have been met. Then an output queue was created. The three steps are: This parameter is considered after the job name, user name, job number, spooled file name, and spooled file number parameter requirements have been met.

Job name JOB Specifies the job that created the spooled file whose data records are to be copied. The assigned channel values as specified on the command are as follows:. CPF Duplicate job names found. Michael can be reached at michael ryantechnology.

Channel channel-number Specify which channels are used to control skipping on a report. Other values up to 12 repetitions Element 1: The newly copied data replaces all old data in the member because all old records have been tl. Specifies the name of the system where the job that created the spooled file JOB parameter ran.

Use this value when the spooled file create date and time parameter is to take precedence over the job iserries name when selecting a spooled file.

Automating Spool File Processing

Creation date Date Element 2: Bar code data is lost. This conversion allows the use of spooled files in applications using microfiche, data communications, or data processing. CPF Not authorized to spooled file.

This is a required parameter. Users may still need to move spool files from queue to queue. CPF Member not added. The assigned channel values as specified on the command are as follows: Let me give you an example of a small system I established for a client that needed to make spool files reports available to PC-based tools.


CPF Necessary resource not available. If no current library entry exists in the library list, QGPL is used. This is straightforward-heres an example of the command: Creation date date Specify the date the spooled file was created. The client wanted this process to be automatic with no commands needed to accomplish these tasks.

While there are a spof of spool file automation products on the market, the client didn’t need all of the bells and whistles. IBM eServer line delivers on the promise of virtualization. The FCFC 1-byte print control character is used and takes advantage spof the assigned channel values in formatting the output. Parameters Examples Error messages. The decision was made to develop an in-house tool.

Spool file management is a common system administration task. Job name name Specify the name of the job that created the spooled file. The only valid values for this parameter are 1 through Job name Name Qualifier 2: So, the first step iseriew to create the data queue. CPF Cannot convert spooled file data.