“The quilt” (“lihaaf” in urdu) is one of her famous short stories Lihaf: Translated from Urdu, a story by Ismat Chughtai. Whenever I get under my. URDU ADAB: Lihaf; a Famous Urdu Short Story by Ismat Chughtai. Sham Ki Barish (Rain of the Evening) an Urdu novelette based on love story. Lihaf A Beautiful Urdu Short Story By Ismat chughtai. لحاف. You might also like: حوا کی بیٹی تماشہ نہیں Hawa ki Beti Tamasha Nahi Hai A.

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All of a sudden her emaciated body started to inflate. Sometimes I do wonder why was I so quarrelsome.

That was the reason why my mom, when leaving for Agra, left me chughhai this woman she thought of as her own sister.

Sometimes her face seemed very odd—as if of an adolescent boy. She kept lying quietly as I scratched. Her perfectly parted hair was now a total mess.

DIL KI DUNYA: Lihaf A Beautiful Urdu Short Story By Ismat chughtai

Her fair body glistened like a flour-dough through her transparent shirt. Rifakath ali March 2, at Getting her back scratched lying on the carpet munching on dried fruit: You figure you wear clothes to impress others, not for a life like that. People like to keep pigeons and doves as pets or raise roosters for cockfights; but the Nawab Sahib hated those ridiculous activities. I dreaded stepping in her room. The quilt looked very innocent in the morning.


Lihaf: A story by Ismat Chughtai

Hopefully you will like our work. Her skin was smooth as if unnaturally stretched. Whenever the two were mentioned, there will be laughter. Ahmad Safi 3 Dr. An unknown fear surrounded me. In her room, naturally. Ribbo was sobbing and sniveling. That poor skinny little Begum had emaciated out of lhaf.

Thank goodness Ribbo showed up that night. Moinuddin Aqeel 1 Dr. She was so sweet to me.

Ismat chughtai’s lihaaf

Saleem Wahid Saleem 1 Dr. She started to laugh hard.

Her outspoken and controversial style of writing made her the passionate voice for the unheard, and she has become an inspiration for the younger generation of writers, readers and intellectuals. In the coming decades it was widely anthologised, and became one of her most known works, besides Angarey which remained banned for several decades. The lonely Begum starts to wither but is saved by Rabbo, her masseuse.

Translated from Urdu, a story by Ismat Chughtai Whenever I get under my quilt in wintertime, Isamt see these elephant-like shadows on the wall across, swaying from side to side; then, suddenly, my mind starts to race down the memory lane and I start remembering things.


Anwar Zahidi 1 Dr.

Lihaf ebooks by Ismat Chughtai | Rekhta

That indeed was a very clever punishment! Is it possible for someone to post an English transliteration of this novel? I thought she was going to die. For why live…for this life! At night, the great shadows formed by the quilt of Begum Jan and her odd behavior in the absence of Rabbo bring to light their hidden relationship, traumatising the narrator.

I sat there like a statue drinking my tea. Unknown September 10, at 3: Sometimes it frightened me. So my mother left me with this woman named Begum Jan, the same Begum Jan whose quilt is as permanent in my memory as a burnt-scar from a red-hot iron rod.

TariqRaheel September 4, at 5: She was asked to apologize which she did not and also won the case, after her lawyer pointed out that the story makes no suggestion to a sexual act, and prosecution witnesses could not point out any obscene words, and the story is suggestive and told from perspective of a small girl. I lied awake under my quilt for hours. Qasim Jalal 2 Dr.