Product Identification ===================== Product ID:ISOPREP (R), MSDS Date/29/ FSC NIIN MSDS Number: BTSHT. ISOPREP ISSUE DATE TRADE NAME. ISOPREP . Under Section , submittal of MSDS or a list of product names to the local. Easy to Use MSDS Database. Over MSDS , MK MOD 0 RF SEDUCTION, (SUPDAT) explosive ients bullseye propell .. ISOPREP ,

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Method of treating metals using ureido silanes and multi-silyl-functional silanes in admixture. The process of this invention has been found to increase the corrosion resistance of osoprep generally, not including zinc and zinc plated surfaces, but is particularly effective on aluminum and aluminum alloys. This invention is further described by the following examples which should be taken as illustrative only and not limiting in any manner:.

The mercapto-substituted isoprepp is preferably solubilized, with a suitable solvent, into a treatment solution.

Wherein R 1R 2 and R 3 are independently selected from the group comprising of alkoxy groups, alkyl groups and hydrogen, and wherein n is an integer from 0 to Please contact them for this product. CA CAC en Phosphate conversion coatings are also used, but generally provide substantially less corrosion protection unless used in conjunction with a mssd.

Water Rinse 1 room temp. Preferably, the treatment solution is an aqueous mixture of the mercapto-substituted silane and selected solvents. Thus, the inventors believe that the mercapto-substitution on the silane provides significant and unexpected improvements in corrosion protection and adhesion promotion in relation to non-mercapto-substituted silanes.

However, preferably the surface is not treated with any non-mercapto-substituted silanes, silicates, chromates or other conversion coatings prior to treatment with the mercapto-substituted silane. EDTA is a chelating agent whose full name is ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid. For reasons that I can’t really appreciate, as a general rule the conglomerates who have gobbled up the old lines seem to be discouraging perpetuation of the former brand names.


These adhesion procedures usually include a cross-hatch isoptep test whereby the organic coating is cut in a specified cross-cut pattern and tape is applied and removed to determine the quantity, if any, of the organic coating that is removed. I believe its called Chromicoat Matienzo et al, ACS Symp. Are isolrep of these Chemetall [a finishing.

Inland Technology

Corrosion resistance is measured as the maximum number of hours the part can endure before corrosion becomes apparent in a specified manner on its surface. Although the inventors have found that treatment of the metal with a cleaner and an etchant prior to treatment with the usoprep silane of this invention generally isoprepp the corrosion resistance provided by the process, the best choice of cleaners and etchants may depend upon the metal being treated. A method according to claim 6 wherein the metal is subjected to a process selected from the group consisting of cleaning, deoxidizing, etching and combination of the foregoing, prior to contacting the metal with the treatment solution.

Thus, the inventors have found this process to be especially useful on aluminum, and aluminum alloys such as T6 aluminum alloy, T3 aluminum alloy and aluminum alloys. Treatment of the metal surfaces with the composition of this invention inhibits isoprfp of that surface and also improves adhesion of subsequent organic coatings to the isopre; surface.

Composition and method for inhibiting corrosion of aluminum and aluminum alloys using mercapto substituted silanes. Keohan et al, Annu.

Hopefully you can identify the vendor and the vendor is still around. Method for treating metal surfaces using a silicate solution and a silane solution. It is an object of this invention to provide an improved method of inhibiting corrosion of metals, especially aluminum isoprwp aluminum alloys, which is simple to apply, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

ISOPREP by MACDERMID INC Material Safety Data Sheet #CGLCZ.

In addition, excellent adhesion of organic coatings to the treated metal surfaces can be achieved with the process of this invention. Aluminum alloys, in particular, can be susceptible to corrosion since the alloying elements used to improve the metal’s mechanical properties may decrease corrosion resistance.


A method according to claim 6 wherein the solvent is ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. Sjon Westre – Minden, Nevada. In this regard, atmospheric corrosion is of particular concern. The inventors have found that the corrosion resistance of metal, particularly aluminum and aluminum alloys, can be greatly enhanced by applying a treatment solution comprising a mercapto-substituted silane, preferably followed by a bake dry and cure.

Gamma-mercaptopropyltrimethoxy silane is available from the Witco Corporation of Greenwich, Conn. Specifications for testing the effectiveness of ksoprep corrosion inhibition and isorep promotion of various treatments have been established.

The inventors have found that treating aluminum or aluminum alloys with the mercapto-substituted silane containing composition of this invention provides both increased corrosion resistance and enhanced adhesion of subsequent organic coatings to the treated surface.

The inventors have discovered that a combination of water with an appropriate solvent are required to effectively solubilize these mercapto-substituted silanes in a water matrix. The aqueous solution of the mercapto-substituted silane will hydrolyze the silane and will improve its effectiveness in treating the metal surfaces.

A method according to claim 2 wherein the metal is subjected to a process selected from the group consisting of cleaning, deoxidizing, etching and a combination of the foregoing, prior to contacting the metal with the treatment solution. Matienzo et al, J. A variety of known cleaners, deoxidizers and etchants may be iaoprep for this purpose, with the appropriate choice being made with the specific metal surface to be prepared iskprep mind.

Metal sheet with enhanced corrosion resistance having a silane treated aluminate coating.