Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop. 5 MB app. Asma ul Ashab e Badr Ashab e Badr ke namon se her dua qabool. Related to Duaen Companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Battle of Badr. Jis Waqt Mushrikon K Lashkar Se Atba, Sheba, Or Waleed Jese Bahadur Medan Me Aa Kr Islam k Sipahiuon Ko Lalkara Us Waqt Rasool E.

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Thirdly, to intercept the trade caravans of the Meccans that passed close to Medina and to obstruct their trade route.

When the Quraishi reached Juhfahjust south of Badr, they received a message from Abu Sufyan telling them the caravan was safely behind them, and that they could therefore return to Mecca. I’m taking an oath by Allah’s Excellent Name, Here will be the grave of Abu Jahl, and here will lay Utba ibn Rabiah Prophet mentioned 14 different unbeliever leaders’ names and signed they graves before the battle.

Abu Bakr stood up and gave a short speech, saying, “The chiefs and warlike men of Quraysh have joined this army.

Ghazwa-e-Badar Mai Sab Se Pehle Shaheed

We shall not tell you what Bani Israel told Musa. Under the terms of the Constitution of Medinathey would have been within their rights to refuse to fight and leave the army. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was found that badzr shirt of ‘Abdullah bin Ubai bacar do, so the Prophet let him wear it. Remember thou saidst to the Faithful: In many hadiths, veterans who fought at Badr are identified as such as a formality, and they may have even received a stipend in later years.


At Badr, the Muslim forces had allegedly maintained firm discipline, whereas at Uhud they broke ranks to pursue the Meccans, allowing Meccan cavalry to flank and rout their army. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Before the battle, Muhammad had given orders for the Muslims to attack first with their ranged weapons and only afterwards advance to engage the Quraish with melee weapons.

After Muhammad’s revelation from Gabriel in until his proclamation of monotheism to the Quraysh, Islam was practiced primarily in secret. Retrieved 20 September Furthermore, we have not come out of Madina fully prepared. Its History, Teaching, and Practices.

List of participants at the Battle of Badr. The Banu Hashim tribe wanted to leave, but was threatened by Abu Jahl to stay. The Battle of Badr Arabic: Ali and Hamza then carried Ubayda back into the Muslim lines, where he died. When the word reached the Muslim army about the departure of the Meccan army, Muhammad immediately called a council of warsince there was still time to retreat and because many of the fighters there were recent converts called Ansar or “Helpers” to distinguish them from the Quraishi Muslims who had only pledged to defend Medina.

In this is a warning for such as have eyes to see. The terms “Quraishi” and “Meccan” are used interchangeably between the Hijra in and the Muslim Conquest of Mecca in Ali and, according to some sources, Hamza as well killed Shaybah. Retrieved 16 September Secondly, to dispatch small groups to obtain intelligence on the Quraish and their allies and also provide, thereby, an opportunity for those Muslims still living in Mecca to leave with them.



People and things in the Quran. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: Wikisource has original text related to this article: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Battle of Badr. Hubab jxng al-Mundhir, however, asked him if this choice was divine instruction or Muhammad’s own opinion. Some seventy prisoners were taken captive and are noted to have been treated humanely including a number of Quraish leaders.

Battle of Badr – Wikipedia

The battle itself only lasted a few hours and was over by the early afternoon. Quraysh have not at jwng expressed faith in a religion and have not fallen from the zenith of glory to the abyss of degradation.

One was fighting in the cause of Allah, the other resisting Allah; these hrdu with their own eyes Twice their number. The Prophet looked for a shirt for him.

It is also mentioned in the Sunni hadith collection Sunan Abu Dawood Profession of faith Prayer Fasting Alms-giving Pilgrimage. Muhammad accepted this urvu and moved right away.