The eGate Integrator serves as the foundation of the java composite Application which is a web browser-based interface used by system administrators to. Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS) is a standards-based enterprise Other products in the suite include eInsight Business Process Manager, eVision Until Java CAPS 5, Sun Java System Application Server 9 was used. JCAPS, warfighters can plan, execute and manage C4ISR assets in support of .. The system administrator defines users and user groups consisting of one or.

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It means system collaboration, advanced messaging, and data translation capabilities for users who manage complex computing enterprises. A user name with this role can: Conversely, eGate may dynamically subscribe to a system without prior knowledge of the publishing system. In the Password field, enter a password for the user. OpenESBthe open-source version of Java CAPS, is backed by a community and can be an alternative for companies that want to protect their investments.

When a user exits Enterprise Manager and then attempts to log in at a later time, the gateway once again displays the login screen.

Each qdministrator must include one or more integration or application servers such as the Sun SeeBeyond Integration Server, which are the engines that run Collaborations and eWays An eWay is a component that connects eGate Integrator to an external business application.


What is the roadmap for the implementation of an EHR system at a practice? Logical connection between external systems applications or protocols and a service are provided an eWay Intelligent Adapter. Note — Each user is adminlstrator assigned to the all role, which is required to connect to the Repository.

The Registry contains a master copy of all configuration data, which the Control Brokers automatically propagate to the appropriate components anywhere on the network.

For example, you can change the password of an existing user. How to choose the right EMR for your Practice? The GUI consists of two panels. The following screen capture shows the Users List page. Each set of integration servers and message servers, plus additional software modules, comprise of what is administrxtor as a Logical Host.

The eGate Integrator sysfem as the foundation of the java composite Application Platform suite and employs a versatile architecture that is ideally suited for distributed Computing environments. The user is removed from the list. This user can now log in with the assigned user name and password.

Object Type Definitions are a set of rules that describe the.

You can drag and drop the various collaborations, intelligent Queues and ad,inistrator adapters on to a connectivity Map and the eGate Integrator will use this map to intuitively configure the end to end flow of messages within an integration scenario.


Multibyte characters are not supported.


Data content syetem format from the source is transformed to the content or format required by the destination; if no transformation is necessary, eGate can perform byte-for-byte duplication. Alerts support transmission via page, e-mail, fax, and telephone or can trigger further processing such as routing a failed transaction to a database log for future reconciliation.

Manage the management applications and view application routing information. Each Environment contains one or more system definitions.

JCAPS – eGate Integrator

It also provides administraotr unified single sign on environment for integration development, deployment, monitoring and management. Roles enable you to organize users into groups. The new role has been added to the list. The application server includes the following default user. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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As you would expect from an enterprise solution, all GUIs are totally cross-platform. In the Password field, enter the new password for the user. A distributed federation of processes act together to service jcapss needs of an application space.