Visit ‘s Jean Liedloff Page and shop for all Jean Liedloff books. The Continuum Concept (Arkana) by Jean Liedloff (). $ Jean Liedloff, an American writer, spent two and a half years in the South American jungle living with Stone Age Indians. The experience demolished her. Jean Liedloff, who has died aged 84, was the author of The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost (), in which she outlined her.

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And although I was exhausted most of the time throughout that first year, jean’s words motivated me to stay true to that inner wisdom. Sep 19, Tucker rated it it was ok. The worst thing that anyone can do to anyone else is to banish them, right on par with death. Jeqn bits and pieces of the knowledge it offers can make liedlfof into your miserable 21st century existence to make nominal improvements. In short, they stem from her imagination.

In civilization, a frequent outcome of the operating of the system is constant misery. In fact she is overtly anti-intellectual, stating that our overuse of intellect in the modern world has, to our detriment, taken over our natural instincts as humans.

Often she cites experiences she had with pet monkeys. And what does one notice when it after all is a thrice or whatever daily probablity to be in kitchen?

Indeed, the importance of this has been demonstrated by studies done on touch, attachment, co-sleeping, and so forth. Nov 10, jeean rated it it was ok. Parts made me scoff. She blames homosexuality, drug abuse, fussy babies, loneliness, isolation, lack of independence, and sadness of the Western world on our childrens’ lack of “in-arms” experience with their mother. But until that day when “studies show” I feel like these are principles worth applying, just because they feel right in your gut.


After watching the stone aged people and especially thier infants and comparing them to our own ridid, crying, colicky lonely infants She came to the conclusion that humans were not naturally competitive, greedy or uncooperative. Everything was in its place — the tree, the earth underneath, the jeean, the moss. As is Huck’s Raft: I hean enjoyed reading this book.

Similar authors to follow

I was expecting much more from this book. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

You won’t know liedpoff to behave in a world of other people. We wage a war of wills: I can hardly believe people are gay because mommy didn’t hold them enough.

I thought her interpretation of personality quirks to be very interesting, for example a person being very messy because they are seeking the fulfilment of deprived infantile needs though someone taking care of them and loving them unconditionally despite their flaws.

Our parents, our tribesman, our authority figures, clearly expect us to be bad or anti-social or greedy or selfish or dirty or destructive or self-destructive. I did it because it felt natural and good. Needless to say, I am not opposed to Liedloff’s baby rearing recommendations – baby wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding on demand, etc. But it was clear that he was making no attempt to suppress his reaction to the pain or his need for the primordial comfort of his mother’s arms.

Jean Liedloff Quotes

The non-intellect-directed mechanisms of self-preservation worked unfailingly, and, being so precise in their calculations, functioned equally well at any distance from the pit, starting from the very edge. Thankfully, her ‘treatment’ of homosexuality mars only about three pages of this dense page book. Feeding to nourish the body liedlofv cuddling to nourish the soul are neither proffered nor withheld, but are always available, simply jan gracefully, as a matter of course His explorations of the wide world are counterpointed and reinforced by his resort to her and by his sense of her constancy while he is away.


That each implement has a task, performed calmly since you don’t need to worry what the kids are doing and with caution as necessary. Liedloff died on March 15, in Sausalito, California. Anthropologists have shown us that there is actually quite significant diversity among indigenous cultures, and Liedloff herself comments how different the neighboring indigenous cultures were from the Yequana.

Having arms and being able to create slings makes it clearly even more likely that a human mother would keep her infant close during the nursing months. I was surprised to find photos of her taken of Liedloff in the 70s, and she was quite young at the time! If our parents, our tribesman, our authority figures, clearly expect us to be bad or anti-social or greedy or selfish or dirty or destructive or self-destructive, our social nature is such that we tend to meet the expectations of our elders.