P.G. Wodehouse’s series of comic novels featuring young British dilettante Bertram Bertie Wooster, and his wry valet Jeeves, who is often the cause of editions. This collection of short stories is a good exampl More. Want to Read. This one contains 9 stories with 5 of them telling Jeeves and Wooster adventures in New .. This is a collection of eight short stories written by P. G. Wodehouse. The Jeeves “canon” consists of 35 short stories and 11 novels. to rewrite the Pepper stories, switching Reggie’s character to Bertie Wooster and combining.

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Who am I to argue with these brainy blighters? You would not have been happy, sir! Jeeves often reads intellectual, “improving” books, including the works of SpinozaShakespeareand ” Dostoevsky and the great Russians”. It has been said—by some literary Johnnies—that Wodehouse did not simply write but orchestrated the English language.

The Reggie Pepper stories follow this same theme, sans butler. On one occasion, Bertie acknowledges and accepts his role as a pawn in Jeeves’s grand plan, though Jeeves objects, saying that he could have accomplished nothing without Bertie’s cooperation.

List of Jeeves stories

In his youth, Jeeves worked as a page boy at a girls’ school. I love how Bertie insists in every story about Jeeves talent for moving silently: Jeeves arranges for Bertie to be absent for a few hours, and during that time swiftly and ingeniously solves all the problems, assuring that Angela and P.g.wodeouse are reconciled, that Gussie and Madeline become engaged again, that Anatole withdraws his resignation, and that Uncle Tom writes Aunt Dahlia a check for pounds.


Many hilarious hi-jinks ensue, but of course somehow everything always falls into place by the end of the story, and the day is saved. There’s tons of weird humor in the stories and all kinds of small adventures, not to mention wacky versions of the rich and strange and also Wooster himself, a well-meaning but not particularly bright guy who sort of just happened to fall into good fortune but doesn’t flaunt it around the way people might expect.

Jefves uses his knowledge and connections to solve problems inconspicuously. According to Bertie, Jeeves noiselessly “floats” and “shimmers”; [48] Bertie once remarks, “Presently I was aware that Jeeves was with me. Jeeves is first hired by Bertie in ” Jeeves Takes Charge “.

This is the earliest collection of stories featuring Bertie Wooster and his extremely competent valet, Jeeves. Shelve Ring for Jeeves.

Right Ho, Jeeves – Wikipedia

Performing Flea Over Seventy. August 7, at 4: So now, instead of being cold and distant and aloof, as a lesser man would have been, he showed the utmost agitation and concern. Most people today probable associate Jeeves with the man that anv all p.g.wodehousf answers not because they have read P.

I notice now when she comes in to talk to me that she lists to one side to keep one hip from hooking under the arm of the chair. This, it will be remembered, is the amount of the Buck-U-Uppo given to elephants in India to enable them to face tigers on tiger hunts with the necessary nonchalance.


Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I recommend this book to anyone who likes to giggle s well as enjoy the occasional sudden guffaw aand the various character work their way through their dilemmas and entanglements. It also has the usual circumstance where Bertie gets into trouble and Jeeves bails him out.

There’s no doubt the man’s right. This is a collection of short stories about Bertie Wooster not the smartest guy in town and he’s kind of aware of p.wodehouseReginald Jeeves, his brilliant valet that always had an answer for everything, and other characters like Mr. In my opinion you and Jeeces Florence were quite unsuitably matched Bertie is usually unaware of the extent of Jeeves’s machinations until all is revealed at the end of the story.

View all 4 comments. Their order of appearance in these volumes differed from the original publication order, and some of the titles were changed. What to say, what to say!

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Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: So Bertie says that he will go and tell Oswald. However, I didn’t like that basically all of the stories had the same format. A drone jewves a male bee who doesn’t do any work, which is a suitable description of the club’s wealthy, layabout members.