Yet Vurt feathers are not for the weak. As the mysterious Game Cat says, ‘Be careful, be very careful’. But Scribble isn’t listening. He has to find his lost love. Vurt [Jeff Noon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vurt is a feather–a drug, a dimension, a dream state, a virtual reality. It comes in many. If you like literary science fiction, then Jeff Noon is the author for you. Vurt, winner of the Arthur C. Clarke award, is a cyberpunk novel with a difference.

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Noon, however, masterfully welds them together into something fresh, innovative, and uniquely his own. The one voice of reason amongst all the chaos even the cops are vurted-up and partnered with sinister ghost-like Shadowcops is the writer of an underground ‘zine who goes by the name Game Cat, a jazzy sort of fellow who lets people know what feathers are dangerous and which people should avoid outright.

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May 30, Philipp rated it really liked it Shelves: To me, a swear counts as a “tell” because the author can’t or won’t show the character’s emotion. View all 3 comments. Weaveworld Clive Barker 8. I never b 4 Stars Vurt is one crazy weird and wild ride.

I was left wanting a lot more. It’s a very special experience, religious at times. Thats the way it should have been. Although Noon began the screenplay for the film version of Vurt inwith Iain Softley scheduled to direct, [16] in he stated on his public website that “Of the Vurt film, all has gone silent at the moment.

However, when weighed against the dazzling literary fireworks that are consistently on display through the novel jef is a relatively minor grumble. First name Country where you live Book Your rating out jedf 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Your review.

Vurt by Jeff Noon

Then the reader is immediately immersed in a futuristic Manchester. Vurt started with a cool premise. Unfortunately, the book is more like a fireworks display than anything approaching a good read. For a dystopia where sections are literally paved with jagged broken furt, it’s surprisingly bright and actually kind of a cool place to live, once you can forget the population is on several different kind of drugs, fighting with each other, screwing over “pure” humans, and liable to be bitten by snakes from a dream dimension.


Jeff Noon is a novelist, short story writer vutt playwright whose works make extensive use of wordplay and fantasy. It’s pure manifestation of clip thinking of modern society. Vurt is written in a very disjointed way, which gives you the impression that it is actually being written by Scribble. But Noon did not stay too long in the theatrical world, possibly because the realism associated with the theatre was not conducive to the fantastical worlds he was itching to invent.

In addition, his characters are wooden and, despite their depressing hijinks-filled lifestyle, largely uninteresting. Ueff dark spicy afternotes hit my palette, causing sparks, and I was floating, hot.

Apr 07, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: We co-opted many values espoused by the hippies of the 60s. Loved the charact This was amazing!! The only thing it has going for it is the incest joon. You’ve got to be careful when you’re chasing a murderer through Bulikov, for the world is not vutt it should be in that city.

The narration and text were much much too simple to treat such a large dense world. Certainly all our focus is on a very small number of interacting characters. First of all let me just say ueff isn’t my usual type of book so it was definitely a different experience for me. At some point the author vury the f I started this book with high hopes, especially considering the rave reviews. What I didn’t like: It was that splendid mix of Bliss and Fetish, dogmusic and crush-dancing; makes you feel like a star in your own system.

Even though it’s central to the story, we no little about her other than vrut she’s the main character’s sister, and she’s hot. The story is told through the eyes jefc Scribble, a member of a gang of Vurt junkies known as the Stash Riders. I didn’t care about them, and th I don’t leave books unfinished very often, but I just couldn’t bring myself to keep reading Vurt. I’m not enthused about picking it back up.


He semi redeemed himself by the end of the book, but I stopped caring about him long before that happened. Sep 07, Sam Vhrt rated it it was amazing.

I was endeared to him in the opening pages as he was careening the Stashmobile through the streets of Manchester because he reminded me of Nux from Mad Max: Recommended fantasy series Recommended fantasy trilogies Hidden fantasy book gems Recommended fantasy audiobooks. Views Read Edit View history. It’s hard to recapture the sense of how strange and beguiling Vurt was when it came out.

His new world is Nightfall, a place filled with characters bizarre, grotesque and magical: Baines rated it did not like it. He studied fine art and drama at Manchester University and was subsequently appointed writer in residence at the city’s Royal Exchange theatre.

His latest offline infatuation is comics, which he sees as the ultimate example of the borderline works he likes to call “avant-pulp”.

Vurt – Wikipedia

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I was given this book when it first came out in the early 90’s and was completely blown away. Noon, recently nooon to virtual reality technology by the magazine Mondodepicts the torture garden as a virtual world. I’ve been trying to imagine what will come after that and it’s quite a difficult thing … ” His latest offline infatuation is comics, which he sees as the ultimate example of the borderline works he likes to call “avant-pulp”.