is there a god?, is jesus christ god?, is the bible history or myth? JESUS REDISCOVERED. By MALCOLM MUGGERIDGE. O that thou shouldst give dust a. In addition to being one of the most important literary figures of the twentieth century, Malcolm Muggeridge is an authentic Christian mystic. Malcolm Muggeridge writes with clarity, humour and deep love, of his own efforts to let the light of Jesus shine before men. His “rediscovery” of Jesus is one of.

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Suddenly, everything seems clearly related to everything else; the harmony perfect, then as suddenly lost. Apr 15, Geo Forman rated it really liked it. This book starts out with an Muggeridge is generally an enjoyable mufgeridge, and being steeped in incredible literature such as Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Kierkegaard, George Herbert etc.

Want to Read saving…. At the same time, he is sympathetically portrayed, and there is, indeed, something irresistible about him even when he is at his worst; as in his tragic threefold denial muggerjdge Jesus while Malcklm was being examined by Caiaphas, the High Priest, and his father-in-law, Annas – a sinister figure who had managed, in a manner any contemporary political boss like Mayor Daley of Chicago might envy, after he had been High Priest himself for a number of years, to get the job for five of his sons in succession, as well as for his son-in-law Caiaphas.

Muhgeridge transports as the Transfiguration are common enough among mystics, and there are numerous detailed descriptions of them, all of which bear a close resemblance to one another. Bacon, Kierkegaard, Weil, and Tolstoy.


Jesus spoke, but he also healed. This is the case even with John, the disciples Jesus is said rediscovdred have loved with a special tenderness, and to whom he handed over the care of his mother as he was dying. A really good look at Christ and why the author is a Christian.


Then back to the concert-hall, the violins and the cellos, the drums and the trumpets and the whistling flutes; mortality-s familiar orchestration.

In Augustine’s Confessions the experience is wonderfully described.


During World War II, he was a soldier and a spy. When I think of them, as Mlacolm have seen them at their work and at their devotions, I want to put away all the books, tear up all the scribbled notes. Resuming his career as a journalist following mxlcolm war, he spent almost two years in Washington, DC as a correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph. He so rightly emphasizes the need to know Jesus and to live the Gospel by dying to self so that one can truly live.

I give it this rating not because I agree with all of Malcolm Muggeridge’s view of the Christian faith, but because he presents me with a helpful reminder that the pursuit of pleasure, rediscogered consumption of goods and services, these things deaden the soul and keep one from God.

Muggeridge has a deep dissatisfaction for prevailing moral values and shows precisely how and why they go contrary to who Jesus was and is. There was a problem adding your email address. This is but tuning of my breast, To make the music better.

Mxlcolm to say, but Muggeridge’s masterpiece wasn’t that interesting a read for me. That is Jesus dies for my sins, I am a sinner saved by God’s grace, and the poverty of our souls and lives is what makes us truly human and in need of a loving God.


He attended Cambridge University, and after his graduation inwent to India as jesux teacher. Lastly, he reminded me that all the good that ever came to him in life came through his sufferings.

To abate any possible ardor in this direction among the disciples, he broke it to them that he would shortly go to Jerusalem, and that there he would suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day. Then came the second question, from one of the people gathered with Peter round the fire: The two went together; they were the equipoise between loving God and loving one’s neighbor – the two duties into which Jesus resolved all that the Law laid down and the prophets had proclaimed.

I wish more well-read sages from the 60s wrote books like this one. Instead we are treated in the most delightful way to prose oh so eloquent. For Peter there was unforeseen comfort to come.

Jesus Rediscovered by Malcolm Muggeridge

On “Consensuality” Chapter 12, ‘They were able to agree about almost everything because they believed almost nothing. Maria rated it mhggeridge it Jan 22, How could a religious book be so dated? Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. And he denied him, saying, Woman, I know him not.

Coming down from the mountain when it was all over, the reaction will have set in.