When I asked Tor editor, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, what “Untitled John Scalzi” was , he swore me to secrecy. John had been writing a book. Wired: Your new novel is called Redshirts. What’s it about? John Scalzi: “ Redshirts” is a concept that goes back to the original Star Trek series. More accurately, the book Redshirts is not just a novel. .. I was going to have him sign eight times–once for each John Scalzi book in my Nook.

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That might be because EVERY away mission involves some kind of lethal confrontation redshifts alien forces; 3. I tried my hand at writing a bunch of short stories that each ended with with the universe blinking out in one way or another, usually through some mistake or misunderstanding of my protagonists.

Skimping on the exposition in the interest of rushing through the main part of the story makes it compulsively readable, but it also makes it feel a bit thin. I like the idea.

Vinge Downbelow Station by C. If the Universe is truly infinite, not just reallyreallyreally big, all of fiction is fact somewhere and somewhen.

And to add a feeling of “danger and realism” to the series, the scriptwriters decided to kill some low level crewmember in each away mission while visiting some dangerous planet or some mysterious space redsuirts.

A Note About the Format of Redshirts – Whatever

I was going to write a review for this one, but then I realized I could basically just cut and paste my review of Agent to the Starschanging relevant details like “plot” and “character names” and just keeping everything else exactly the same.

Trying to avoid spoilers. Redshirts is not bad, not even parts of Redshirts is bad. It was mostly dialogue and very little description. Well it was interesting to see what happened to him after the fact it was a bit slow but interesting to see jogn the swap worked on the other end. John Scalzi’s new Redshirts is a meta-narrative about outsmarting Narrative itself, and a multilayered love letter to fans of classic science fiction.


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The end wraps up nicely. The story itself was As a big fan of Star Trek in almost all of its incarnations, I thought for sure I would adore this audio book, especially since it was narrated by Wil Wheaton. As a big fan of Star Trek in almost all of its incarnations, I thought for sure I would adore this audio book, especially since it was narrated by Wil Wheaton.

Naturally, this creates a dog-eat-dog situation where the long-term members of the crew learn to disappear quickly whenever an officer comes around, and the newer members have a very high mortality rate. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

‘Redshirts’: A Love Letter To Sci-Fi Fans

I plan on picking up Redshirts. I was partially right. It’s a properly poignant concept for science fiction, in which beloved characters tend to follow you home.

And I loved the Star Trek Intrepid crew. For some reason, on away teams, someone usually always dies. I also suppose that publishers would rather spend book tour and promotion budgets on books that bring in more money. The rest of the novel follows Dahl and several other characters investigating this phenomenon and for their own self-preservation, trying to stop it.

A triple scoop ice-cream cone, to be specific, one that presents a series of three distinct flavors that change as you work your way through it. The story itself was a bit of a letdown. Sccalzi later at the coffee shop. In fact after I read the undead Montalban review, I took a nap. And none of the Enterprise crew members would be caught dead engaging in such garish, indecent proceedings. You know what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like this? I felt like Scalzi wanted to beat me to death with the word said.

John, no arguments there. And naturally, this is fine and perfectly fair. Everyone says this book reminds them of Galaxy Quest. We’re both successful authors, and we both live very happily in our respective corners of the sky. In fact all of Coda I is wcalzi the point, other than being conceived as a humor piece, and I really think should have been omitted.


See all 7 questions about Redshirts…. But maybe it wouldn’t jphn so funny if the Redshirts were real characters? I haven’t seen Galaxy Quest, and have no idea what the manic mice are squeaking about. But don’t get me wrong.

I mean, I suppose I could have done, and I flatter myself with being talented enough as a writer to make it work.

A Novel with Three Scaalzi. That in itself is an accomplishment. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Getting back to the novel, while it’s basic premise is to exploit the recurring gag of killing off characters to get cheap thrills, also this excellent book is a great example of a crafty story with priceless science fiction and fantasy.

Yay, I am relatively normal! Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Once I picked up my redshiirts jaw off the floor, of course.

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Killing characters always is controversial. Dahl is sure something is wrong and he intends to find out what The Universal Union’s flagship the Intrepid is a deadly place to be. Now you might think this is just another GalaxyQuest that spoofs on Star Trek but it isn’t It actually reminded me a lot of fanfic redshirfs not in the basest sense of appropriating existing characters to tell new stories, but in using existing characters to delve into an already familiar story and examine it.

If you want me to go into more detail, I can.