Hi, I have been researching the SEG for many years and I have the original transcripts of the SEG that was available at the start of the internet. John Searl, at that. John Roy Robert Searl (Wantage (Engeland), 2 mei ) is een omstreden te hebben geconstrueerd dat bekendstaat als de Searl Effect Generator (SEG). John Searl is the very stuff of myth and legend, at least, in the arcane circles of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), suddenly “sprouted wings,” as it were, and.

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Over the years, we have heard of the dangers and biological consequences of using 60 Hz volt AC power.

Ook hiervan zijn geen bewijzen. Only then does he intend to resume his decades-postponed antigravity flying machine work, what he calls the IGV, for Internal Gravity Vehicle. It was for this reason that two videos were made and posted to YouTube, as described and shown videos included in Sterling D.

And with the Mars expedition and later colonization very much alive in the awareness of the space exploration supporters, Professor Searl estimates, based on an IGV launch with Mars at perigee closest point in its orbit relative to usthat the outbound leg would take only about two months.

The SEG is a step up rotary transformer. Hij hoorde sge van een zoon van Searl dat deze modellen aan xeg ophing, zodat ze gefotografeerd konden worden als ‘bewijs’. While home ionizers have long been available, negative ion technology is now literally taking the field, in the form of passive ion emitter strips on state-of-the-art digital camouflage uniforms produced by Seatl Biotechnology Corp.


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This is a public notice that as of JuneSearl Magnetics, Inc. Scientific Papers of Steven J. The SEG concept is an open system energy converter in complete accordance with the laws of thermodynamics.

Searl was elektrotechnicus bij het elektrotechnisch bedrijf BR Rewinds, een wikkelarij voor aearl en dynamo ‘s in Londen. Their conclusions are striking and hotly opposed in certain Xearl scientific quarters, but may be summarized as follows:. This SEG mockup is a recent development towards a working prototype which demonstrates many of the core principles of the SEG in motion. When the rollers are brought into close proximity to the SEG plate, the SEG resonant magnetic field causes electrons to be drawn into and accelerated through the machine.

John Searl – Wikipedia

Frictionless operation enables the SEG to operate without physical wear and thus enabling it to operate with a service expectancy of a lifetime.

Verbelli of Xeg Magnetics, Inc. The output windings can be designed to step down the output to a standard volts at the rate jobn about 15 Kilowatts for a home unit. October 10 th. Searl beweert dat hij er in december in geslaagd is zijn apparaat te vervaardigen in de schuur achter zijn huis.

The SEG is defined as a device constructed of 2, component parts that make up 3 plates and 66 roller sets. View here a video demonstration of the unit Courtesy of the Searl team. Nor, fundamentally, is there even a need for an internal combustion engine in such a car.

John Searl offers a global solution that can harness economically clean, sustainable and unlimited renewable energy. Seems he was something of a rock star in their eyes.

John Searl

The Free Press interviews F. A Plate cross-sectional view showing the four material component layers.


Press interview at the office of SMI. A Magnetic Field of Dreams. From up to the Searl Effect was referred to as magnetic bubbles in motion as it was explained in John’s early newsletters. You see, in trying to ground his unexpectedly levitating SEG, the cure—successively adding mass—only made the problem worse. Aeg generator consists of three stator rings called Plates that are composed of four distinctively different materials concentrically layered to each other and fixed sev a base.

John Searl returned to the USA.

The Searl Solution

Learn how your comment data is processed. Energy Technologies – Loris-Hemlof. Professor Searl reports that even with heavy equipment having been abruptly switched on, there were no spikes or transients in the power being delivered.

The two engineers are presenters at global New Energy conferences, and the section for them here has a link to more extensive background information on these gentlemen and their education. This process is assisted by the highly electron-attracting or capturing effect of the neodymium layer.

Init became clear that these magnetic bubbles contained particles in a set manner and that there was a set pattern to how many bubbles were present in the material.

Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie. The concept demonstrator, in other words, is seb demonstrating one of the underlying technical principles used in a SEG, but the device shown is missing the very components which would allow it to generate electrical power.

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