Born and raised in the tough backstreets of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s Byker district, John Urwin came from a disadvantaged background. THE SIXTEEN, by JOHN URWIN: Every individual SPECOPS operator, whether from a military, law enforcement or intelligence agency background, needs to be . John Urwin wrote the following in an email to me, just a few days ago: UK special forces operative (about which I have written a book namely ‘The Sixteen’).

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Okay, but how long ago did you learn these skills? Sixgeen idea of putting the website up, again. This is actually a comedy work of the highest order. The machine slxteen a method of combat that is as far as Iam aware unique to this group and it can and was used as a method for instinctive shooting of any weapon ref post on use of machine guns The vaugeness surrounding the missions was intentional and honest as they were given only enough information to target their objective.

So one of the ideas was to stop national service, bring the people away from the Middle East, which they did, and when they broke up the British Empire, that was the whole idea was, when we had Hong Kong, they made sure that sixten people kept the British passport.

There is a lot of detail I could go into about The Sixteen and what their objectives were.

The `Sixteen` by John Urwin

If you follow the book and study the methods they used ask yourself where have you seen or read anything similar. The lack of official evidence concerning their existence is due to the way the highly covert group was designed and operated, making it extremely difficult for anyone to provide proof to substantiate their existence. I was outside in the passage. When took place, we knew, I knew exactly it was… uriwn had been brought down by explosives. It was whilst with his regiment that John was recruited into a covert unit called The Sixteen.


And I know that no aeroplanes suxteen involved. Did you ever see anybody besides the tall blonde guy? The forward to the book gives ample explanation as to why little evidence remains about them and why secrecy was paramount. Yeah, and I can prove that.

Okay so what year Contact us for more information on Military Forums. Yes, of course they are.

If he wanted to become a full memeber he would have to sign on. We went on various operations throughout the whole of the Middle East, including Egypt, and these, like I said, I was unaware at the time exactly what I was doing. During such encounters, tunnel vision occurs and it is difficult, if not impossible, to perform complex or fine motor movements. Like I said, during the last war, they had virtually nothing.

I will have to prove it to you. It was a UFO Reviews Latest reviews Search reviews. In the past we have had all types come to train, but at present we are just your run of the mill types.

John Urwin: The Machine

We knew how it was going to be done. Their martial arts expert sat down shaking. When we went to Egypt, the asset of the operation was, the operation was get Nasser. I also like to think the UK government has a nice stash of really big missiles that there not supposed to have like every other country in the world. The European Union now is starting to crumble They were aware of the operations that took place in their country.


How can I put it.

If you’re expecting something believable in the remotest sense then don’t part with your money. No, no forget about that. It was an archeologist. I went out there, I had no idea where I was.

I can release this interview if you want.

Please visit the Support Us page to find out more information. When we killed him, we shot him in the head. How can I sixtene it? We got into that building, and these are some of the skills that the SAS are, want off us, were trying to get off us.

The `Sixteen` by John Urwin | Army Rumour Service

I mean, have you ever saw telekinesis done? He is looking for a new publisher for his book. He would come and give urqin orders. He wanted to find out more about the fear elimination program.

Microsoft Outlook Started by Dennis48 47 minutes ago Replies: Join the Army – Regular Officer Recruiting. You have no idea? They trained me in these skills. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. In this audio interview you will hear John talk about his unconventional training by what can only be termed an off-world group.