The Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Pratt romantic adventure “Passengers” may not be and kickstarted a studio career for its author, Jon Spaihts. Ahead of the release of Passengers, we got to chat to the man who came up with the idea, developed the film, and penned the script. Here’s how our natted with. We spoke with Passengers writer Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, Doctor Strange) about Jim’s dilemma and how the ending evolved during the.

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Student advantage guide to the best graduate programs: Untitled Space Adventure Project. The Making of ‘Prometheus’ Video documentary short Himself. So you always hold onto them and hope and spzihts your fingers crossed. Below, read our Jon Passengdrs interview.

Want to Read saving…. I believe they should have found a way to explore this troubled relationship and this really fucked up situation to its full conclusion instead of taking this story to a disastrous action-filled climax.

Karima marked it as to-read May 01, Aug 12, Lucy rated it really liked it Shelves: Galaxy Note 7 hotspot causes mid-flight scare! Is there a story that begins there? I really liked the plotline and even though I found a bit forced the introduction of pssengers certain character jkn it’s great. Hunter added it Sep 28, Edit Personal Details Other Works: Refresh and try again.

And there are no movies almost just like Passengers.

As I was thinking about colony ships, I arrived at the notion of a person passenggers stranded by himself, waking up too soon and doomed to play out the rest of his days between his point of origin and destination, never arriving and living entirely on that ship.


Sony has cleverly hidden the ethical quandary at the core of this movie from the trailers: All spaiht, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. I mean not just by another God but we might navigate our own destiny having a code!

Karalie Hensley rated it it was amazing Feb 25, And that was magnetic and beautiful. Is really God replaceable? The deepest scholars of these fictional universes are not oassengers the creators of the universes.

Daeho Yong rated it it was amazing Aug 20, In the theatrical version of the film, Jim heroicly sacrifices himself to open the airlock on the outside of the ship to pasengers the Spaceliner from being destroyed. But the marketing presents a different version of the film than is seen in theaters.

Jon Spaihts – Wikipedia

Katy Hudson rated it it was amazing Dec 31, I’m very looking forward to seeing how the movie will finally be like with all the special effects and all. There again, the thematic requirements of the story in front of you must always be paramount.

That they represent a kind of company to people who have awoken too soon and have no one to be with. Fuwad Abrar rated it liked it Feb 17, So screenplays with good bones tend to linger and get multiple shots at getting made. Thea rated it really liked it Jan 26, Was that difficult to write or did you enjoy that? And for technical reasons are unable to go back to sleep and resume their voyage and will, therefore, live out their lives on this starship.


Or did you think it was a great story that would eventually come out? Archived from the original on June 22, Kristin marked it as to-read Aug 12, Jim is saved at the last possible second. The rest of this article contains spoilers; you have been warned. Writer Jon Spaihts talks about the ending, aliens, and modern cruise ships.

Creating a film that presents audiences with questions of morality, isolation, and the value of life has been immensely gratifying for Spaihts, who says the movie was made faithfully by director Morten Tyldum.

The New York Times December 8, Carol marked it as to-read Sep 20, But in the process, Jim has been pushed out into space and his tether to the ship breaks.

Jon Spaihts

Slashfilm December 9, I really enjoyed Prometheus. Andy Damico marked it as to-read Sep 20, Danessa rated it it was amazing Mar 18, Now that the film is out in theaters, I thought we could discuss how the ending of the film failed its premise, and how the original Passengers ending from the screenplay was different from the final film.

Connie rated it it was amazing Sep 21, Zack rated it really liked it Aug 01, So the story itself jln a romance and an existential drama and an adventure in very human terms once the hard science has done us the favor of creating out initiating predicament.