Jonathan Livingston le goéland has ratings and reviews. Mrelia said: I read this book after hearing for years that it was great and life-ch. Shop our inventory for Jonathan Livingston Le Goeland (Jonathan Livingstone Seagull in French) by Richard Bach with fast free shipping on every used book. JONATHAN LIVINGSTON LE GOELAND by Richard Bach, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Interestingly, Bach is not acknowledged as the author of the original book in the film’s credits. This reads like some reject for some lesser-read college Literary Anthology Paperback87 pages.

OK, so it’s not a masterpiece, but it has its moments. They never seem to disintegrate on the vast cultural garbage dump.

What the fcuk is this siht? Perhaps w Cover your eyes children… you do not want to read the bad words about to assault your innocent psyche: Eventually some birds reject the ceremony and rituals and just start flying.

I think it’s suited and powerful enough. Part four focuses on the period several hundred years after Jonathan and his students have left the Flock and their teachings become venerated rather than practiced. Livingston[2] a Waco Aircraft Company test pilot who died of a heart jnathan at 76 just after test flying an acrobatic home-built Pitts Special.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Wikipedia

Jonathan Livingston Seagullwritten by Richard Bach and illustrated by Russell Munson, is a fable in novella form about a seagull who is trying to learn about life and flight, and a homily about self-perfection. While this is lovely to believe I just don’t believe it is true. A dive and pullup to a slow roll with a rolling loop off the top.

Some messages I interpreted: Hated this as a child, hate it now. Michael Hope No that is from Richards book entitled Illisions the story of a reluctant messiah.


The best thing about this book is that it gets over quickly as livinngston is pretty small and of the pages, about 27 I was told that everyone who reads this book, find something different in it and it is an eye opener and goelan not. It is a simple story which could be an analogy at best.

They really added to the atmosphere as well as gave you room to ponder the text. Chang voice David Ladd Who are you, anyway?


Yes No Report this. I think everyone who likes movies should see it. In short time, the book becomes spiritual, offering up theories that Heaven does not exist in the form that many children are taught to believe, but, instead, is more metaphysical with no space or time. I started reading jonathhan book expecting something like “The Little Prince”. The book begins with a seemingly simple message regarding the confining expectations of society to be just like everybody else and the uneasy indecision that comes with that for some.

One day, Jonathan meets two gulls who take him to a “higher plane of existence” in which there is no jonthan but a better world found through perfection of knowledge.

Reader’s Digest published a condensed version, and the book reached the top of the New York Times Best Seller listwhere it remained for 38 weeks. Part 2 is also the part where Jonathan learns how to travel across space and time and Christian values get mixed up with Buddhism ideas reincarnation before Part 3 borrows heavily from the Bible, essentially becoming nothing more than a pro-Christian recruiting tool.

In andthe book topped the Publishers Weekly list of bestselling novels in the United States.

This ridiculously stupid book – book! Two stars instead of one because the underlying message is basically positive, so I guess a kid might identify with it and take something from it, and I’ll give Bach credit for writing a heroic quest ala Campbell starring a seagull. Nothing else will help build you up. Since he liivngston fit in, the elders expel him from the clan. Ultimately, jonathhan very first of his students, Fletcher Lynd Seagull, becomes a teacher in his own right, and Jonathan leaves to teach other flocks.


See my special perspective at the bottom of my reviews under the typewriter Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Lists with This Book. The album sold two million copies in the United States, [13]in France, [14]in Germany, [15]in Canada [16] livingsonin the United Kingdom.

Jonathan Livingston le goéland

So he sets out to discover the world beyond the horizon in quest for wisdom. In Richard Bach took up a non-published fourth part of the book which he had written contemporaneously with the original. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The film was made by Hall Bartlett many years before computer-generated effects were available.

However, I found nothing great. The birds spend all their time extolling the virtues of Jonathan and his students and spend no time flying for flying’s sake. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat At least it’s quite original, which is a quality most people don’t have The fact llvingston the book counsels you to forget all faith is idiotic!