To enable interoperability between Portlets and Portals, this specification will define a set of APIs for Updates to the Original Java Specification Request ( JSR). The Java platform provides an standard referred to as JSR that standarizes how portlets interact with portlet containers and ensures compatibility across. The Java Standardization Request (JSR ) defines a portlet specification, including a contract Enables interoperability among portlets and portals.

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The DocumentumSource class is not shown, but all it does is make DQL queries return a list of documents or a single document for the abstract ContentSource methods. Edit the Validator class field or click the Browse button to select the preference validator.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. This is important because this is how our view. Display name An administrative name used to identify the portlet. This caching mechanism is per-portlet, per-user client.

Short title A short version of the title that may be used for devices with limited display capabilities. Its main goals were that the portlets be simple, client portlehs, and secure.

JSR 168 IBM extension for cooperative portlets

Select a supported locale above and specify the portlet information for the selected locale. This design would not address the transport protocol for the remote execution of Portlets, leaving to the specific Portal implementations the support for Portlet remote execution.

Some portals require user authentication or at least have a built-in mechanism for logging in users. Cached content must not be shared across different user clients displaying the same portlet.


Some provide the actual exception details message, source, and stack trace ; however, some just report a portlet-level exception as an internal server error with an HTTP message. This is the main entry point for the portlet and is the jrs class that the portal framework is really aware of for this project.

Some of its major pottlets include: This text is not displayed to end users.

Remote cache is only applicable to Websphere Portal. A portal is a portlehs application whose primary purpose is to aggregate web content in portlets. This will set the expiration property to Portlets should use this role name to determine whether the authenticated user is included in an application security role.

Configuring JSR 168 portlets

A portlet container receives requests from the portal to execute requests on the portlets hosted by it. JSR is the Java Portlet specification v2. Set the fully qualified class name of the resource bundle.

If this specification, or a future version of this specification, is 1668 in a future version of a Java platform specification, this specification will remain available for use outside the platform specification, and will continue to be evolved outside the platform specification, unless both specification leads agree otherwise.

Web Logic Portal 4.

Java Portlet Specification – Wikipedia

This specification will establish a standard API for creating Portlets, thus avoiding locking in Portal developers in a specific implementation and allowing Portlets developers to reach jzr wider audience while reducing their development portpets.

People working on projects with similar required characteristics would be wise to consider developing JSR portlets as all or part of their solution. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. To be determined by the expert group, initial target is December The transmission of the document contents to the client machine is handled through a servlet, ContentServlet Listing Five.


Specifies the security role references.

Title The title sjr should be displayed in the title bar of this portlet. It also helps to reduce the load on servers. With the increased adoption of Java portals, both as intranets and public sites, comes the need to separate portlet functionality from the portal to both maximize code reuse and limit your dependency on specific vendors.

The repository and location properties are used in conjunction to identify where the content is located. Enterprise Content Management ECMsometimes referred to as “Enterprise Document Management,” is a type of application that administers the storage, organization, classification, and retrieval of company data.

Portlets are the podtlets within the portal.

This could be a major performance gain if the query is time intensive because such queries currently are reexecuted with each page refresh.

The default behavior of this setting the check box is selectedindicates that the portlet window does publish remote cache information. This means that the portlets cannot use the session as servlets in the same WAR distribution. This is typically in the form of a document repository.