Kahles AH, x Plex reticle, and matte finish. Used, with box and papers, looks brand new. $ for sale by J and M Trading Post on GunsAmerica. scope is required, KAHLES. Warranty Repair is available by contacting Swarovski Optik North. America at () KAHLES AMERICAN HUNTER. Kahles AH are pretty lightweight lighter in fact then a comparable Zeiss Conquest . You can use the 50mm objective in medium and in some.

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Being able to see. They have excellent glass they have an etched reticle which shouldn’t change color those that claim they do probably have the earlier version. You are not logged in. Why some think you are doing level playing field testing when you set one on 5X and the other on 6X for a twilight test.

Did they upgrade the glass and coatings when they replaced the AH with the KX? Mounted on a gun but never taken in the field, near new. It akhles a gloss black. Kahles Helia S 2. Life is just one damned thing after another. The people were kahhles they were rating new wines as an aid to wineries. Just curious what kahes don’t like about Leupold?

Originally Posted by cal I thought you’d like to know that I have been able to admit I have been wrong.

Finest Riflescope? | Page 4 | Hunting

Mar 4, Messages: He should have enough excitement for 5 people to live on for years. Timt and Foxi like this. Post Options Post Reply.


Thinks like, all scopes uses the same glass and coatings, Leupold exceeds all scopes in optical quality except MAYBE Zeiss and how you tell folks to disregard manufactures focusing instructions so they can introduce parallax with every shot. Sorry for the false alarm. From now on everyone has check with me before posting a Leupold for sale You couldn’t give me a Loopold.

Kahles AH vs KX

AdminGlobal ModMod. Yes, my password is: Now, a binocular will also work under those conditions if it has a 7mm exit pupil. The others were all very close. He has access to, owns, and tests most every hunting scope in existence, and the results are in his writings.

JGRaiderMay 8, The Leupold reticles rarely ever fade out during twilight. Some loss of color, but the image was nice and sharp. Last time I went shooting I hit a deer sized rock, right where I was aiming at. Originally Posted by dsink. You said it yourself. Will this be an improvement over my 4. Try this for defination. Have a nice day. On base of this model start The pupils of older people don’t normally open as widely in dim light, which means a “full-sized” exit pupil of 7mm or so doesn’t make as much difference to them as quality glass and coatings.

Kahles AH for sale

Mechanically never had a problem with one. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. It kahlws in very good condition with small mounting scratches and finish wear. The price labels were phony.


If I give an opinion on it, I have used or owned it. Cfran its not you making his life exciting, I always heard the life of an idiot is never dull. One of the tests I ran about a dozen years ago was covering the name of two brands of roof-prism binoculars of the same magnification and objective-lens diameter with duct tape.

When I came back, it went back on the WSM. It is in excellent condition, small ring marks. John Barsness, a very well known and respected gun writer and author, has a new book out regarding optics for the hunter.

The Ki combines maximum optical performance and precision with unique handling and ergonomics. Several studies have down that price affects not just our judgment, but can actually khales the part of the brain perceiving anything respond favorably.

Kahles Helia L 2. Some people, do indeed, have some strange ideas how optics work. Good enough for me! I’m not sure just what your problem is.