ww2dbaseKarl Maria Wiligut was born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary in His father was of the Roman Catholic faith, but was also a follower of the German. Karl Maria Wiligut was born in Vienna on December 10, , son of Franz Karl Wiligut, Budapest in both his father and granfather were. Of all the strange personalities in Adolf Hitler’s entourage, Karl Maria Wiligut was certainly the oddest. Wiligut was born on December 10, in Vienna, then.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Himmler, who was deeply interested in German prehistory, “was evidently impressed by Wiligut’ s ancestral-clairvoyant memory and decided to exploit as fully as possible this unique source of information on ancient Germanic religion and traditions.

InWiligut married Malwine Leuts von Treuenringen. Arkkari rated it it was ok Apr 01, On 17 December he was appointed to infantry, four days later he became a Gefreiter private.

For anyone fascinated about the role occultism played in the Third Reich, here is the evidence. Wiligut supposedly founded the postwar newspaper Der Eiserne Besen iwligut, although no evidence for such a newspaper exists. Chris marked it as to-read Oct 13, Lists with This Book. In BC, the Wotanists succeeded in destroying the Irminic religious center at Goslarfollowing which the Irminists erected a new temple at the Externsteinewhich was in turn appropriated by the Wotanists in AD First prize undoubtedly goes to “Wiligut’s Tunnel.

The elder Wiligut told year-old Karl that he was “the last descendant of a long-line of Germanic sages, the Uiligotis of the Asa-Uana-Sippe, which dated back to a remote prehistoric era. Description When looking at the SS, Kral Wiligut would have to be one of the most bizarre figures within Himmler’s inner circle. Promoted to Standartenfuhrer in on a fast track to Brigadefuhrer and member of Himmler’s personal staff in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Paperbackpages. Aikibrewer rated it liked it Sep 26, Victor rated it liked it Mar 19, Karl Maria Wiligut claimed to have ‘ancestral’ knowledge that allowed him insight Runic Key to decipher hidden messages.


The Secret King: Karl Maria Wiligut, Himmler’s Lord of the Runes by Karl Maria Wiligut

Inspektor Waffen SS Panzertruppe. In esoteric currents of Neo-NazismNeofolkNational Socialist black metal and NeopaganismWiligut’s writings enjoyed renewed interest in the s. They claimed that numbers 27 and are connected with the Black Sun.

Mighty rated it it was ok Oct 15, Using a newspaper he founded called Der Eiserne Besen he went about publishing pamphlets pointing to a world wide wiligjt of dark forces in the form of Catholics, Jews, and Masonic order. As a result, he began reading the books of Guido von Karrl, a fellow Austrian and founder of the Ariosophy movement, and tried his own hand at volkisch poetry. In Berlin, where he worked in the office of Karl Wolff wilgut, chief adjutant of the SS, Wiligut developed his plans for the rebuilding of the Wewelsburg into an allegorical “center of the world”.

The Wiligut family were supposed to be sages of Irminism who were driven into the northern European wilderness by rival sorcerers in 1, B. If any of our wilitut European readers has more information about these ruins at Znaim, please send an email to UFO Roundup. Czepl compiled a report for the archive of the O. Inwhile stationed at Znaim in Moravia, Wiligut became intrigued by wikigut curious prehistoric menhir called the Rabenstein, the subject of much local folklore.

Porsha marked it as to-read Jul 28, With his newest disciple, Gunther Kirchhoff, he sent archaeological teams to investigate prehistoric sites at Gaggenau inGermany’s Murg valley in and Glozel, France in A twin brother of one of the girls died as an infant, a devastating tragedy for Wiligut, who was desperate for a male heir to which he could pass on his “secret knowledge”, which estranged him from his wife.

Karl Maria Wiligut

The Book Whore marked it as to-read Jul 01, He claimed to worship a Germanic god “Krist”, whom Christianity was supposed later to have appropriated as their own savior Christ. Leaving his family in he moved from Austria to Germany and through mutual contacts is introduced to Heinrich Himmler at a conference of Nordische Gesellschaft a group operating to strengthen German-Nordic cultural cooperation, and would later be taken over by Alfred Rosenberg. Can’t pass an ancient monument or ruin without checking it out.


Evacuated to Austria inWiligut was there when the war ended.

Karl Maria Wiligut

During World War IWiligut served at the southern and eastern fronts and he was decorated for gallantry. Scott rated it liked it Aug 03, No location found Show all locations. Todd marked it as to-read Aug 01, Get directions from Go Geo locate me. Refresh and try again. Nikolay rated it really liked it Apr 30, About Karl Maria Wiligut. This website makes use of cookies to ensure that the website works properly.

But in the end this man was responsible for the design of the SS Honor ring, had a major role in the takeover and redesign of Wewelsburg castle which would be the epicenter of the SS ideology, and designed msria at least amended the runic alphabet utilized during the period. After this mafia was permitted to return to Salzburg, but he soon moved on to Arolsen in Hessewhere he died on 3 January Chilling and thought provoking: Wiligut’ s budding career in Ariosophy was cut short in by another catastrophe–World War I.

He insisted that the Bible was much older than anyone thought, that the events of the New Wilight had taken place in Germany and not Palestine, and that Jesus Christ was really Krist, an avatar who had founded the Irminist religion in Wiligut claimed to have been initiated into “runic lore” by his grandfather Karl Wiligut — Verse number 27 according to Willigut is a 20,year-old “solar blessing”:. Kevin added it Jun 16, Danieljeggeman added it Dec 06, By 12, BC, the Irminic religion of Krist was revealed and from that time became the religion of all Germanic peoples, until the schismatic adherents of Wotanism gained the upper hand.

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