Do you know who Ken Uston, Author of “Million dollar blackjack” is? Ken Uston consistently applied his knowledge and techniques to make millions at. Million Dollar Blackjack has 37 ratings and 0 reviews. Nearly every man or woman who enters a casino can win at blackjack. In the last decade more than t. All inquiries should be addressed to Gambling Times Incorporated, Stagg St., #, Van Nuys, CA Uston, Ken Million Dollar Blackjack. ISBN:~5.

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The camouflage advice is mostly geared towards BPs and high rollers. The playing and betting advice is far superior.

Chapter 3 This is a very short introduction to mathematical expectation and variance. Play blackjack online and win real money at my favorite casino. Fred rated it really liked it Mar 24, The section describing the Griffin Agency is very outdated. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Chapter 4 This chapter describes how the game is played and gives some common at the time rule variations.

The rules can vary greatly from one event to the next so you need to read the rules very carefully to know whether there will be any element of skill involved and what the odds might be. The games have changed but the playing techniques are still applicable.

Ken Uston (Author of “Million dollar blackjack”)

Uston went on the author many popular books on blackjack, including Million Dollar Blackjack. Not many people, blackjack players or otherwise, can claim to be backjack alumnus of two Ivy League schools.


This time around, Uston formed his own team of professional card counters. Mollion we are reminded of the importance of good game selection, but this time we are shown some ways of creating a good game. The value of the card can then be signaled to players at the table who can use that knowledge to vary their playing strategy, similar to hole carding.

But unlike Bringing Down the House or the movie 21, this book is a first-hand account written by the guy who lived it. As a player, however, his career never recovered ustpn Uston being barred multiple times.

A whole new frontier was opened up for card counters, and Ken Uston joined the exodus of blackjack players to the east. When you walk away from a table with chips in your pocket, the casino personnel may assume that every chip missing from the float was taken by you, especially if they know that you sometimes slip chips into your mil,ion during play.

Million Dollar Blackjack

People had been telling Uston he should write a book about Pac-Manbut he had felt he didn’t have enough knowledge. World famous blackjack expert Ken Uston provides seven simple rules to improve your game and presents students with four levels of winning skills. Here we are shown a comparison of some common card counting systems.

He also shows the cold realities that Advantage Players deal with on a daily basis. In a Blackjack Forum interview, [6] Uston related that he became fascinated by blackjack and its inherent strategies after meeting professional gambler Al Dolpar in a poker game.


It includes several sets of flashcards to help the student practice.

Ken Uston (Author of “Million dollar blackjack”)

Million Dollar Blackjack covers a wide range of topics and allows the reader to investigate the ones that seem practical and interesting. Simon Zhao rated it really liked it May 19, Casinos sometimes subscribe to more than one service, as well as having their own in-house systems that may be networked with their sister properties.

The biggest disadvantage of this approach is that it is very complicated and prone to numerous debilitating errors. The men descended on Atlantic City like a whirlwind and began to rake in huge profits. Showing the effects on the house edge is good motivation for players to scout out the best conditions they can find, even if they are just recreational players.

Thorp Ken Uston Stanford Wong. What happened next would change the history of New Jersey gambling forever. It also introduces the reader to many different advanced techniques and playing styles. It gives the reader a general idea of the concepts and explains their importance, but the details are not discussed until later in the book. In a relatively short period of time they were caught and banned from the Atlantic City casinos.