Virginie Despentes. “I want to underline every word in this book,” Ruth texted Emily on the day she started reading King Kong Theory. Don’t let the word “theory ”. King Kong Theorie by Virginie Despentes La Couleur pourpre by Alice Walker La Vie Heureuse by Nina Bouraoui La Servante écarlate by Margaret Atwood La. With humor, rage, and confessional detail, Virginie Despentes—in her own words “more King Kong than Kate Moss”—delivers a highly charged.

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She is angry, full stop.

Virginie Despentes

And if they did, they’d leave their marriages and society would crumble, which is not in the interest of the powers-that-be, and so is prevented by keeping hookers “dirty”. An essential humanity burns through the aggressive rage in these pages. En una parte de la entrevista habla de como mucha gente describe el concepto de “trabajo sexual” sin entender realmente que implica o sin definirlo, si tborie.

Y listo, ella es la escritora. No soy una bestia a tiempo completo.

King Kong Theory – Virginie Despentes | Savidge Reads

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here She’s unapologetic and ferocious, which are excellent qualities in a writer, and she’s unafraid to bring personal messiness into her arguments about feminism. Kkng to Book Page. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Cosas de la vida.


Glad it got you out of your reading funk! OK, so sometimes her toughness turns into a slightly silly contempt for the male in a rant at the end Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Despentes, on the other hand, isn’t trying to moderate her vocabulary to fit what is and isn’t deemed acceptable; she doesn’t give a shit. Pasaron otras cosas, pero esas fueron las dos principales. Frank Baum 1 L. May 02, The Reading Bibliophile rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pero yo nunca he sido razonable y me costaba conformarme.

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November 22, at 1: I read it earlier this year and really loved it. It has three spectacularly interesting chapters on rape, prostitution and pornography that would have made excellent articles in, say, Prospect or some other intelligent monthly.

There is no value in the struggle of both men and women for liberation if men get all soft and turn into thirie jelly – few women want that in any case.

Hagamos lo que hagamos, siempre hay alguien que se esfuerza por decirnos que es una mierda. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

King Kong Theorie

At the beginning of this month I realised my non-fiction quota for was looking pretty pathetic: A riesgo de que te borren del mapa. This viginie cry sets the tone for the whole book, which can either be read as a collection of essays or as an extended scream of rage.


Llamemos a las cosas por su nombre, le choque a quien le choque. Estamos formateadas para evitar entrar en contacto con nuestro propio lado salvaje. El orgasmo al que debemos llegar es el que nos procura el macho.

Una mujer con estilo de puta le interesa a casi todo el mundo. One component that makes this text so special is that the author gains her authority not only from studying feminist theory though she does quote Angela Davis, Gail Pheterson, Annie Sprinkle, and Simone de Beauvoir and adds an elaborate bibliography to the bookbut from experiencing many things she discusses: Antes de ser una mujer, sometida a la mirada del hombre, es una dominante social, con capacidad para acallar el juicio de los menos privilegiados.

No quiero huir del conflicto para esconder mi fuerza y evitar perder mi feminidad”. Nov 11, Camille rated it it was amazing.