2 Introduction Render Panel is an insulated wall system with a pre-rendered finish which is applied under controlled factory conditions, providing consistency in. The aesthetic appeal of a render finish can now be combined with the performance benefits of an insulated panel, thanks to the new render-effect system from. Kingspan Insulated Panels, Home. Kingspan is the leading global manufacturer of high performing, fire-safe insulated panels for walls and roofs.

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Standing Seam Roof Cameron Darroch Associates Completion:. Our Technical Services renfer are Insulated Panel specialists who can provide an expansive range of product and project support.

Drop-in loft apnel doors Easy to install product for access to lofts To provide simple, easy access through ceiling into the loft space Purpose made product saves time and money compared with traditional. Filter Standing Seam Roof To find out more about the cookies we use, or to change your cookie preferences i.

Email Please enter a user name. Further information is available from the Marketing Department. Fire safety storage cabinets – Part 2: Ideally, boards should be stored inside a building.

Architectural composite panels Architectural composite panels June Composite panels to suit pamel project Introduction Panel Systems has over 35 years experience in producing high quality composite panels for the construction and More information.

Kooltherm K5 External Wall Board | Kingspan | Australia

Our Curvewall panels from our AWP range combined an aesthetically pleasing wall solution with all the performance benefits of an insulated panel system. Full installation training and technical support available.


Compatible with most internal. Architectural composite panels June Composite panels to suit every project Introduction Panel Systems has over 35 years experience in producing high quality composite panels for the construction and.

Kingspan Render Panel Pre-rendered Insulated Panel System

Existing Projects New Project. If you do not click “Accept and close” but continue to use this website: Explore our fast-fit polycarbonate daylighting solutions for roof and wall. Food Service Sector 1.

Factory applied render creating consistency of colour, texture and flatness over the whole elevation. Add to My Project Which project would you like to add this item to?

National Archives Building, Christchurch A national treasure rises from the rubble. In recognition, the range has been awarded both the NAPM and Eugropa recycled marks, two of the most prestigious and recognisable recycled certificates available.

The nature of the panels means that installation is quick and the building is weather-tight in just one pass.

Close Email Please enter a user name Password: Maximum outdoor temperature More information. Earth Friendly Building Material Earth Friendly Building Material Ecomag Board is a revolutionary product for the construction industry Mineral based non-toxic and environmental friendly sheathing material kingsoan unparalleled properties More information.

Looking for something similar? A non-gasket version is available to emphasize the joint. We use cookies on our website www. Start display at page:. Insulation for timber framed walls. Our panels helped to create a modern, attractive building with excellent thermal and fire performanc Standard colour is bright white with an easy clean surface.

Specifically designed for interior applications. Building Envelope 2 – ii Part 8: A showcase of 70 inspirational projects from across the world, celebrating how our products and expertise have influenced and, together with our partners, transformed the world of architecture.


Coating developed for use as the internal lining of insulated panels. Our teams are dedicated to helping you make process as easy as possible and ensure you get the right materials for your needs. Steel Building Solutions Kingspan Insulation operates Australia wide. The need for wet trades on site is eliminated and therefore removes the risk of splashing over other finishes.

Unsure of what you need? The choice you ll be glad you made.

Wall Panel Systems | Insulated Panel Systems | Kingspan | Great Britain

If, however, outside storage cannot be avoided, then the boards should be stacked clear of the ground and covered with a polythene sheet or weatherproof tarpaulin. Used within roof, wall and floor constructions. It is suitable for all building applications except where there are low temperature controlled environments.

This system can he Explore our pre-formed corners, flashings, insulated gutters and much more. The thickness of the panels used varied from 60mm to mm and delivered an insulation R value of up to 5. The performance of any system is only as good as its weakest.

Biological KS RP insulated panels are resistant to attack from mould, fungi, mildew and vermin.

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