There was a whole lot more of Klute in the original script than what survived in the film. It’s my besetting fault as a writer that I get wound up in my characters and . Klute script at the Internet Movie Script Database. KLUTE It looks like he sent her quite a few of those Holly — the girl — she recalls six or seven letters like. Documents Similar To Klute. HER () Spilke Jonze -Final. Uploaded by. Joshua David · Far From Heaven (). Uploaded by. Justin Deimen · A Single .

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She says he was impotent. Bree follows more slowly, whispering: It appears that Tom Grunemann has disappeared before our eyes. Vasek, the landlady, shifts barrels at the same time that she barks at Klute, in heavy accent. WIDER, near stage front. I thought maybe you’d left town by now. He and Bree climb through stench and litter to the second floor — a door.

Cable owned a plot of woodland — he’d go there on weekends. BREE I can’t say he was anybody! She is holding out, at arms length, a pair of her underpants. Klute and Custodian leave elevator on higher floor and walk down the long very low corridor past rows of locked vault doors.


But he was really surrounded by a lot of people making things extremely difficult for him. Not Tom, you said, the Dumper was clearly not Tom. We hear the sound of breathing.

Andy Lewis, Oscar-nominated for ‘Klute’ screenplay; at 92

He sets about checking the likely places — first of all the lower hallway, then the stairwell itself, moving steadily unalarmedly up. What did you think of the movie overall?

She has changed from a joyous woman to a woman bereaved. We are in a small dungeon-like room filled with banks of files from floor to ceiling.

Klute start’s out after him — Frank vaults away down the stairs — we hear him stumbling and running — Klute faces sharply around into the apartment. BREE What did you expect? Every cut you had to deliver information. And then for a while, boy, they really pay attention, you’re all there is. You had a very luscious visual structure in the movie, but nobody would dare shoot anything like that. Well, they said, all right that’s Grunemann.

Klute tosses down a second photograph. Bree grabs at him from behind. We see a controlled incredulity and. Put him in a spot he has to do something more — but this time give him a time and a place to do it. Kind of a major pain in the ass. Not urgently but practically; it behooves him to stop bleeding. Quite violent material, I’d say, obsessive, a quite sick man. He starts to enter.


You apply them differently. The old black lady motions to Trask who crosses to her.

BREE How can you not think so? But Klut made several mistakes. He sits in the chair opposite, sips his wine.

We see several figures on the rear deck of the tug, but it’s not clear at this distance what they’re doing. I’ve found no proof he was ever around. How did the resulting design of the film fit your vision of it, and how did that vision contribute to or distract from!

Klute Movie Script

Bree beside him lies awake. In a good way, yeah. I was in the life fulltime.