Kobelco KNW Series air compressor brochures and product information. The heavy-duty air end design has proven itself consistently since Oil-free rotary screw Kobelco KNW air compressors are used in a variety of.

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Lubrication prior to start up, during operation and shutdown is supplied by an independent motor-driven gear pump. Pilot lights, viewable from a distance, are provided for indication of operating conditions. We are a world leader in oil-free, rotary-screw technology. Universal Module for communication with facility management system. Kobe Steel Founded inKobe Steel is a machinery and materials manufacturer and provides industry related engineering services.

To ensure long operating life and smooth operation, the sries are anti-friction type, and the electric motor is directly coupled to the input drive shaft by way of a flexible coupling. Messages are sent to direct the operator for service, pre-alarms, and alarms, and will be shown when necessary.

Kobelco KNW SeriesĀ®

The inlet air filter is easily accessible and includes a cleanable prefilter which extends element life. The input bull gear is supported on each side. Competitors use a lip seal design, which is prone to wear and leakage. Because no oil is allowed eeries the compression chambers, the two-stage rotary screw compressor is able to provide completely oil-free compressed air.


About | Kobelco KNW Series

Highly Efficient Cooling System. Oil-free air is required for pneumatic cylinders, blowing and spray guns. In order to reduce axial thrust, an air pressure-operated thrust balance piston is incorporated at each stage, minimizing thrust loading and further improving bearing life.

Oil-free air provides a sterile manufacturing environment and prevents product rejection of circuit boards, wafers, memory chips, LCD and others.

The Kobelco KNW Series operates quietly thanks to its sound-attenuated enclosure, and the doors and hinged and pinned for easy removal. For more information please visit www. Oil-free air is required for process air to prevent product contamination. Seties Kobelco KNW Series features precision-machined timing gears, which are mounted on each rotor shaft in order to maintain accurate clearances between rotors.

The HMI terminal shows operating conditions, pressures and temperatures. Simply stated, our KNW Series delivers percent oil-free air serues all critical, specialized applications.

Oil-free air is needed for critical systems such as HVAC and lab air.

This design includes a patented, high-efficiency super rotor profile and cooling jackets. Fixed speed, also known as load-unload, provides energy-efficient operation during loaded and unloaded operation. Oil-free air prevents contamination of live cells. Oil-free air required for component manufacturing, testing and painting. Oil-free air prevents contamination of cans, bottles and packaging made for food and beverage items.

VFD control provides a narrow system pressure band, reduces inrush at start-up, and allows more frequent stops and starts. Also used for HVAC controls, labs and laundry requirements. This seriies is chip and corrosion resistant and keeps the compressor looking new throughout its lifetime.


We provide nationwide parts and service support through our authorized distributor network. Oil-free air is used for critical instrument air requirements. The valve is designed for 1, load-unload cycles and is easily serviced. VFD control becomes less energy efficient compared to fixed speed when operated at the upper end of speed range.

Air is inside of the tubes and water is in the shell. Required settings for pressure control, temperature alarms, and control time delays are viewable and may be modified using the touch screen. Kobelco is a name you can trust. The design increases gear and bearing life and is not offered on competitive models. Sign up for our newsletter! Kobelco KNW Series air-cooled models include a thermostatic mixing valve to insure proper oil temperature in changing ambient temperatures.

Sign up for our newsletter! Unloaded horsepower is guaranteed and repeatable. About Rogers Machinery Company SinceRogers has provided industry with superior quality air compressors, vacuum systems, blowers, pumps, parts, and accessories.

Fixed Speed or VFD.