Koenraad Elst (born 7 August ), Belgian Indologist and author of over twenty books on topics related to Hinduism, Indian history, and Indian politics. Results 1 – 16 of 31 Decolonizing The Hindu Mind (PB). by Dr Koenraad Elst in India: concealing the record of Islam. by Koenraad Elst. Dr. Koenraad Elst was born in Leuven, Belgium, on 7 August , into a Flemish (i.e. Dutch-speaking Belgian) Catholic family. He graduated in Philosophy.

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Update on the Aryan Invasion Debate.

Why did Aurangzeb Demolish the Kashi Vishvanath? Why did Aurangzeb demolish the Kashi Vishvanath? Very interesting conference, esp.

Such incongruence has the potential for misunderstanding as if these rights are conferred only on minorities. Will Sweetman and Aditya Malik, eds. According to Meera NandaElst uses “the writings lest his [Voice of India] mentors to peddle the worst kind of Islamophobia imaginable”.

Hanuman the monkey king wanted to help and he flew to the mountain where the tree was and he brought it just in time so the doctor could make the herbal potion to cure Koenraqd. That is why, as an India-watcher, I am really puzzled at supposed peace apostle but British loyalist Mahatma Gandhi recruiting for the British war effort, so that thousands of Indian young men came to die for nothing in the misery of Flanders’ Fields.

Koenraad Elst

Geoffrey Oddie, general editor of the series including the present collective book, Hinduism in Indiathematizes the term in the first chapter. This in turn is a symbol of the World Axis, physically the polar axis pointing to the Pole Star, being the star on top of the treehighlighted by the objective and measurable fact of the Winter Solstice, when the Sun turns northward and is, as it koenraac, reborn.


Correction of the common misconception, fortified by a false quotation, that Thomas Babington Macaulay imposed English education on India with the deliberate purpose of harming an idealized society, whereas he really wanted to help the On the other hand, as regards administration of property which a religious denomination is entitled to own and acquire, it has undoubtedly the right to administer such property but only in accordance with law.

What does American academe think about Hinduism nowadays? Congrats to those who took the initiative. The Journal of Asian Studies. SanskritNational Socialismand Indology. Mahatma Gandhi’s letters to Hitler.

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In article 28 of the Constitution, after clause 3the following clause shall be inserted, namely: ZoroastrianismIranian Studiesand Vedic Studies. De eeuwige ordening in het Morgenland. Elst’s work has drawn both praise and criticism. First of all I have the utmost respect for your joenraad works on Hinduism and your many corrections of ill-propaganda of Hinduism not only by the conversion led missionary zealots claiming exclusivity of their God but many Hindus as well.

Nor, for good measure, will they move a finger to get a toilet for their neighbour built, or any other slst on the public development agenda. In fact Hindus have many Gods but they are all part of the only One God, which people share as many Gods. Likewise, the not-so-innocent Saint Thomas legend, unhistorical he never set foot in India anti-Brahmin blood libel they never koenrsad him but profitable to the Christian mission, is uncritically taken for granted p.

Christian Missions and Koenrraad religions. In Search of the Homelandbrought out by Arktos, Koenrwad Article 30, as it stands, confers educational rights on religious and linguistic minorities without saying anything about the majority. Interview that appeared in the online version of The Outlook on 13 October Bhanot AnilChristmas treeDiwaliYuletide.


He has also published about multiculturalism, language policy issues, ancient Chinese history and philosophy, comparative religion, and the Aryan invasion debate. While establishing himself as a columnist for a number of Belgian and Indian papers, he frequently returned to India to study various aspects of its ethno-religio-political configuration and interview Hindu and other leaders and thinkers.

This initiative for a public statement in support of Satyapal Singh’s Private ill for amendments annulling the anti-Hindu discriminations is correct and potentially historic. David Frawley called his work on Ayodhya “definitive”, [31] K. This is an example of how contemporary Hindus will to better to follow Chanakya rather than Golwalkar, and to go for Hindu Dharma rather kenraad Hindutva. In order to maintain the secular character of the Koenraad and prevent it from usurping the religious and charitable institutions of any religious denomination or a section thereof, it is felt necessary to amend article 26 of the Constitution.

Welcome to Koenraad Elst’s Indology site

If criticism is persisted in, it should be directed at the publisher, who chose to republish a book from a past stage of an ongoing debate without providing an update.

But before that, it had pointed to most regions west of India, including the Balkans, the Baltics, Germany, Scandinavia, Belarus, and even Atlantis. In the s, Anatolia was also briefly in favour, but the consensus among Western Indo-Europeanists reverted to the East-European elt lands.