In this post, we explore no non-sense techniques for how to use a kubotan in a real situation of self defense. Watch and practice basic kubotan techniques. Drill down the the fundamentals in this post and then build up other advanced techniques using. Official Kubotan Techniques [Takayuki Kubota] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Self defense is serious business, and sometimes even the.

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Remember, if you live in the United States laws will vary from state to state. Here are some videos that will help you get the feeling of how the Kubaton is used for self defense to stop an attacker or to allow yourself enough time to escape.

Kubotan Self Defense Learn how to use Kubotan for self defense. So, the basic idea is to master fundamental effective combatives using the Kubotan because those will come naturally to you in a tough situation. Write a Review Effective kubotan moves! Remember, tthis mini stick is a target specific self defense weapon that must be deliberately applied to a specific anatomical target.

Kubotan is a very versatile tool for its shape and solidness.

I like how Sammy explains the subject in layman’s terms and apart from that, how he primarily emphasizes on safety measures. The Kubotan keyring is made of any type of solid materials such as wood or metal and they come in different common forms, there are the spike, plunt, and flat ended ones. There are several ways you can do this and here are a few that I teach my students.

For more information on using the body opponent bag for kubotan training, see our kubotan companion workout e-book. Excellent, clear and to the point! Categories Kubatons Kubotan techniques and defense Self Defense.

No nonsense instruction This excellent DVD gives a clear look at the practical “real world” uses and comprehensive training drills for Kubotans. A Kubotan is a great compact self-defense weapon that is easy to use as well as easy to carry discretely.

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There are multiple resources and ways a person can use to start learning basic and simple kubotan techniques for self defense.

Basic Kubotan techniques

The good news is, we have an instructional kubotan DVD specifically devoted to teaching you how to use the kubotan in variety of real world self defense situations. It can also be used lethally and non-lethally as required by the type of the attack. No need for fancy moves unless you are willing to put in great deal of time mastering techniques that you might not have the time to apply in a real fight. He also invented the Gosoku-ryu style of karate.

However in some situations kubotans also have their limitations as every other weapon and they are not the ultimate solution to every situation.

How to use a Kubotan – Basics

Kubotans are small but don’t let the size of this mini stick fool you. Previous post Techniquew to use a Kubotan for self defense? Unlike other weaponsthe kubotan appears like an nondescript key ring and therefore can be transported and concealed very easily. Franco goes into great detail and covers all the aspects need to become proficient with Kubotans. I highly recommend this DVD!

How to use a Kubotan for self defense?

This is my 4th order from CFA. It also has more of a pointed tip on the end, something that not all Kubotans have.

Some prefer the slightly thicker design over the finger grip version. While this may sound like a solid self defense technique to some people, avoid doing it! For serious self defense professionals! The good news is a Kubotan can hurt anywhere you use it, however, knowing the key areas to target will make a big difference.

But, if you do use it on a pressure point you can have faster results in stopping your attacker. This kubotan stance is iubotan used when you are caught off guard kubtoan don’t want your adversary to know you have a kubotan in your hand. This DVD teaches real kubaton self defense techniques. It can even result in immediate loss of consciousness. This will help you conceal the weapon while putting your hands in a position that allows you to react quickly.


Kubotan Self-Defense DVD

CopyrightContemporary Fighting Arts. The training is based on realistic situations and how to deal with them. This youtube video illustrates the basic grip of the kubotan, the instructor also demonstrates different angles of attacks and pressure points you should target with the kubotan for maximum impact. Ideally, the best human targets for striking with a kubotan are those highly sensitive “bony targets” that are closest to the surface of the skin.

For instance, if you feel unsafe walking down the street or through the park late at night, a kubotan could definitely help you feel more secure. You need a good grib to use it effectively and not drop it. It is made from various materials such as metal, plastic and often polymer and when used correctly can cause severe pain. For example, if you hit the attacker in the appropriate spots you can definitely do some severe damage.

There are a collection of kubotan targets that you can either strike or apply pressure as a pressure point. The Kubotan can be made out of a variety of different materials including steel, aluminum, wood and plastic so its actual weight will vary.

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In this kubotan DVD program, you will learn: I included this video because this is how I think the kubotan should be used in most cases.