Nitro On-Road – Kyosho SuperTen FW – Originally Posted by i’ve look in every manual superten/fw/4 stroke and no flywheel for sg. Here it is, the forum for all kyosho super scale cars. Hi nitronutz, thanks i have already the fw04 manual in pdf:) yeah i read toads answer. FW05R Foam Manual ยท FW05R Foam FW05 S Kyosho Edition. FW05S-KE Fw T Series Spare Parts. Source: 14/04/ FW05 R.

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Kyosho SuperTen GP FW 4WD Manuals

Here is the website of this wonderful Japanese FW04 website http: On a side note, I am wondering if anyone is still running their prized super 10? I would also like a 2 speed Tranny khosho I can get one. Hi Chris nice car was it hard to add the Saito motor its me Manny the guy who won your superten i’m working on the car now. I always have trouble with my recoil starting engines.

Kyosho SuperTen GP FW-04 4WD Instruction Manual

The FW had a 12mm hex and the wheels were held on with a nut. Hi again guys, last weekend i went to run the car, but was a disaster: If not, I would like to buy a FW03 manual from someone and make a PDF file out of it and share it online so that others can have access to it.

Will post in a few. So then the FW wheels have a larger hex because of the larger hole Found the elusive Kyosho Porsche GT2 body on ebay. Or a link where I can view more of the car? I made the Bridgestone decals by scanning the original decal on black paper then fillling in the white and black to make the contrast better.


This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Heres my SuperT so far Lastly, whats the biggest clutchbell gear anyone has gone on the single speed?

Kyosho SuperTen GP FW-04 4WD Manuals

And kyosho told me that they are discontinued Fq 4 stroke kit. There are 1 items available. But will the 3d clutch work??? I actually bought the wheels for that car from a guy in Germany.

Instruction manual Aluminium chassis with slight wear beneath. By the way, you can order viscous coupling and tires and many other things from Kyosho America http: For my other ST, I will just use slicks from Kyosho. It wasnt listed as a Superten but Im almost positve thats what it is. Welcome Mun I spent some time in Vegas on a project Kyozho that is good news.

Then save it with a new name. They look aftermarket, but very similar to the Where oh where can I find new tires?? The funny thing was, I was intent on winning that body, and was surprised it got that high, but whomever this mystery person was, they were not going to be out bid. Would love to see your FW04 but unless you have photos on a website I dont know how to post from your computer Thanks a lot for the lecture on engine mounts: Feel good to own a FW04 here lol: I think the the only place left for the rx to go will be beside the steering servo.


I know had both, then sold them. I just emailed KGarage and asked for the diameter of the hole and the width of the hex.

Kyosho Superten GP’s and FW [Archive] – Page 6 – Radio Control Zone

They are the soft 25, i just found your post. The Superten book is about 30 pages so I will scan it into computer. It has everything from the original build That tire won’t fit on the super 10 wheel.

But either way I would never be able to kypsho Ben Racing again. Strange about the flywheel reach problem The one on the right comes from superten GP it don’t come with the radio boxit’s not fw04 series. OS never made a. I do want to sell, but have no idea kyosuo it is worth these days. Show us some pics! They also pointed out the issue with the flywheel not touching the starter when using regular-height engine mount.