Buy Tercera Cultura, La by John Brocman (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution is a book by John Brockman which discusses the work of several well-known scientists who are directly. John Brockman (Boston, Estados Unidos, ) es un empresario cultural con una amplia Es autor y editor de varios libros, entre ellos: La tercera cultura ( ); The greatest inventions of the past years (); Los próximos cincuenta.

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For example, it has been shown that consciously directed forgetting can produce results a month later and they are achieved by a particular area of the prefrontal cortex normally associated with initiating motor responses or overcoming cognitive obstacles suppressing activity in the hippocomapus, the brain region in which memories are stored. It’s just the start of what I hope is a conversation. Biology, on the other hand, is the science of the possible, investigating processes that are possible, given those fundamental laws, but not necessary.

What you just did tonight is an example of why it’s wrong. And I’m going to claim in my brief time—I’m not going to have time to fully justify—that the main development and the main meaning of Einstein’s contribution is closely related to the main meaning of Darwin’s contribution. Okay, here is the game.

It has even been described that you can give a warning call when you see your mate near a prospective lover—get them dashing to safety, and then you intervene.

Let me end with a few nohn cases to make this all a bit more concrete. He answered “Of course, it’s still five versus one.

Skip to main content. The pattern of base pairs in a DNA molecule specifies the gene. I’m defending my tender ego, I’m defending my weak psyche.

John Brockman – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Yet these emergent selves are based on processes joh shifty, so ungrounded, that we have an apparent paradox between the solidity of what appears to show up and its groundlessness. The past belongs to physics, but the future belongs to biology. A Redes television program based on the event was broadcast throughout Spain and Latin America. At about that time, somebody gave me a book by Richard Dawkins and I started to read it and it opened up my eyes to the kinds of explanations which are possible in biology.


I think it is not so usual that John appears with the people whom he talks al and writes about and it is wonderful to be here with him.

John Brockman

And if I were to ask you, as I have asked literally thousands of people, on the Internet, in small-scale societies like the Mayans and hunter-gatherers of Africa, people deliver exactly the same judgments that you did tonight, but are incapable of justifying why.

Or they will mimic a predator of their predator, so as to frighten away their predator. They live in a quite simple type brockan society, including small scale agriculture and fishing.

Lawrence Krauss – The Origins Initiative Not an awful lot of time for selection. Views Read Edit View history. They demonstrated that Literature is not is not just the province of the old school of the humanities culture. First of all, we understand that if we are making an evolutionary argument in terms of natural selection, we are talking about benefits to individuals in terms of the propagation of their own genes, and there are innumerable opportunities in nature to gain a benefit by deceiving another.

But it was Einstein who first took these ideas and made them into science, and made them into science which, as far as we know, is true, is much better science than the previous Newton science. Click here for a 2-minute tv clip. In other words, we will see a universal principle such as the means versus side effect distinction, but culture can change how much more impermissible the means based harm is when contrasted with the foreseen side effect. And so war is a particular situation where self-deception is expected to be both especially prominent and especially harmful in its general effects.


Other kinds of entities do things. He wrote—and I’ll read it slowly so that a translator can get it: Beyond the Scientific Revolution is a book by John Brockman which discusses the work of several well-known scientists who are directly communicating their new, sometimes provocative, ideas to the general public.

Or networks of people in interaction, in social interaction. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. It’s based on a calculus—that the mind has, that it evolved to solve particular kinds of moral dilemmas.

And has been dealing with an escalating disaster ever since. Lee Smolin, a theoretical physicist, Marc D. But it’s also very scary because we’re used to thinking of laws as absolute and if laws evolve, then at least I and the people I work with get very confused. For example you can give a warning cry in order to grab an item of food from another individual.

There may be a lot of selection in the civilian population or the soldiers, but it’s not necessarily true that those who start stupid wars end up with as as great a decrease in surviving offspring and other kin as one would have wished.

But if you have the patience to set some of these ideas up, then you can say, “Hey! It this new enterprise works at all it will be through a deep collaboration, working to find out the origins of our moral judgments, and how they figure in our ethical decisions and moral institutions.