Lakkhana Sutta. The thirtieth sutta of the Dīgha Nikāya. It gives an account of the thirty two special marks of the superman (mahāpurisalakkhanāni) which signify. DN 30 Lakkhana Sutta: The Marks of a Great Man. The Lord said: ‘There are, monks, these thirty-two marks peculiar to a Great Man. That Great Man who. Lakkhana Suttanta, Written by T. W. and C. A. F. Rhys Davids, Hits: You are here: Home · Digha Nikaya · Pathikavaggapali; DN30 Lakkhana Sutta.

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Assembled augurs thus declared: Assembled augurs then declared, Seeing these many marks of merit: Commentators endlessly emphasize how odd the thirty-two marks of a great man are, but most of them are not hard to imagine. Those impure, evil things he blames. Those who know the signs declared: He becomes the chief, foremost, highest supreme among the un-renounced Wealthy, they say, will soon be his.

Not oppressed by force, they will Strive for general weal and joy. Thus, the question arises, which came first, the prose or the verse? Being endowed with this mark, as a suttx, how does he benefit? This goodness brought him heavenly birth. Being endowed with these marks, as a ruler he will be obeyed by all. In happy realm reborn, he there Enjoyed the fruits of his good deeds.

Lakkhana Sutta

All his followers are well disposed to him: Thus, this theory of the thirty-two marks of lamkhana great man is really a codification of the general theory of karma, identifying the cause of each characteristic and its effects in the present life which are comparable lakkhanz, both for emperors and buddhas. When he thence returned to earth Sheath Enclosed his organs were.


He dwells having conquered this sea-girt land without stick or sword, by the law.

All in attendance on his power. As a ruler, how does he benefit?

Lakkhana Sutta: 1 definition

Projecting heals, long fingers and toes, and a divinely straight body. For such lxkkhana and such deeds, Heavenly birth was his reward. For him who level treads the ground. He has projecting heels IV.

Lakkhana Sutta; 1 Definition(s)

As a Buddha, he becomes the chiefforemost, highest, supreme among all beings. The naga Mucalinda even protected the Buddha from a lakkgana storm for seven days, four weeks after his enlightenment, by covering his head with his hood. And sages of other communions know these thirty-two marks, but they do not know the karmic reasons for the gaining of them.

As a Buddha, how does he benefit? Lakkhnaa after death he was reborn in a happy state, in a heavenly world, where he was endowed beyond other devas in ten respects: What he spoke was all for peace, And re-linking severed bonds.

The seven treasures represent seven essential qualities of a righteous emperor: Falling away from there and coming to be reborn here on earth, sutt acquired this mark of the Great Man: As a ruler, his followers will be pure.

DN 30 Lakkhana Sutta: The Marks of a Great Man –

He will become a fully enlightened Buddha, one who draws back the veil from the world. Being endowed with these marks, as a ruler he cannot lose anything: As a Buddha, likewise. He has high-raised ankles VIII. He cannot be impeded by any enemy or adversary from within or without, from greed, hatred or delusion, nor by any ascetic or Brahmin, alkkhana deva, mara or Brahma, or any being in the world. The marks of a great man are, perhaps paradoxically, observable shortly after birth. Below are direct links for the most relevant articles:.


All his retinue are well-disposed to him: Returned from there to earth, his feet With level tread did touch the ground, Assembled Augurs then declared: As a Buddha he will have great wisdomextensive zutta, joyous wisdom, swift wisdom, penetrative wisdom, discerning wisdom and among all beings there will be none equal to him or superior to him in lakkhwna.

This site uses cookies. On returning to earth he acquired these two marks of the great man: Abandoning false speech, the ascetic Gotama dwells refraining from false speech, a truth-speaker, one to be relied on, trustworthy, dependable, not a deceiver of the world. You have to be a member in order to post comments. He is long- lived, long-enduring, attaining a great age and during that time no human foe can possibly take his life.

His head is like a royal turban. Whatever he touches with the tip of his tongue he tastes in his throat, and the taste is dispersed everywhere. These negative qualities also provide a checklist of the qualities that must be cultivated in order to become a Buddha.

He has the seven convex surfaces. Standing and without bending, he can touch and rub his knees with either hand. His body hair grows upwards, bluish-black like collyruim, growing in rings to the right. As such, how does he benefit? He has a large retinue: