Looks like the original lally columns and footings settled a bit over time. Well, looks like Placing 2×20 Form into Hole For Lally Column Footer. The columns shall be restrained to prevent lateral displacement at the bottom end. Wood columns shall not be less in nominal size than 4 inches by 4 inches. A Footing (Footer) is the bottom most structural member of the Footer size is determined by the width of the Foundation .. Lally Column Footers. ▫ Since Lally.

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Lally Column, Basement Pole Columns – Lally Lock Column Systems by Dean Column Co.

The procedure works well. I was also a little concerned about the cement block column all the way to the left of the picture above. I also made sure the form was perfectly level. Galvanized columns are also available. I was in the mood for a challenge anyway.

BTW, thanks for your post. If you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, why not sign up to receive my posts by email? The form took a total of 7 bags. The Lally Lock system features 3 different types of top plates: That is how crooked the floor was. After boring the inspection holes we determined that there were adequate footings under the existing columns so we did not need to break up the basement floor to dig and pour footings.

Each one had a great tight fit. After I got the learning curve out of the way I was able to install the columns quickly and efficiently.

Lally Column Footing Depth – Ask the Builder

Well, I went there and sure enough he had lallh to much dirt out in one spot and water had begun to come into laly basement along with a section of his wall that lay in a rubble. Luckily, our foundation was poured, built and then back filled. I actually called the building department and they told me that this did not need to be inspected since I was adding in between the existing footings, and they met compliance back when the house coolumn built. Wood columns shall not be less in nominal size than 4 inches by 4 inches mm by mm and steel columns shall not be less than 3-inch-diameter 76 mm standard pipe or approved equivalent.


I kept thinking that one day the building inspector was going to show up with a micrometer and inspect everything I did. I heard that there was a little moisture on the floor the remedy of which I will discuss laterwas informed by the home inspector that the insulation fitted in between the floor upstairs joists was installed up side down which I already fixed and some of the mortar joints needed to be finished.

Building code calls for the footing to be one foot deep by two feet wide. Free Newsletter Signup Enter e-mail address to subscribe and get latest updates and info. I then purchased a 20 ton bottle jack and jacked up the area next to each existing column. The cement calls for a cure time of 7 days for a psi compressive strength and a 28 kally cure time for the cloumn psi compressive strength.

Lally Lock Structural Column Offers Code Compliance and Adjustability

After all the concrete in the footings was cured properly, I went to a local lumberyard, purchased three lally columns cooter had them cut to my measurements. Longer or shorter lengths are available upon request, or you can cut them onsite. In the photo below, you can see all of the lally columns in a row…the originals and the new ones.

No more dip in the floor upstairs…nice and level. Looks like the original lally columns and footings settled a bit over time. Tighten the two screws and then fasten the last two screws in the round holes of the plate. Then, screw the last two into the threaded holes. It was installed on a tilt.


The top of the old columns were installed with nails that were pried loose for removal of the column. When everything was absolutely perfect, I mixed a few bags of Quikrete Concrete Mix in my wheelbarrow. After a year of that, you can understand why I was so angered by this little dip.

I smoothed it out real nice. The Lally Lock System provided adequate laly support to the house and was much easier to install than standard lally column replacements.

Stay current on the building codes!

I have spent the foooter hour looking for the proper way to fix this problem and every website tells me all sorts of stuff that has nothing to do with what I have going on. When you say you used 7 bags to make that footing, how much was that? I had to find out what was causing this.

To follow the instructions, I filled in around the footing, wet the top of it and layed some plastic over it. The cap plate is loosely screwed to the beam of the house. I wet the top every day for 7 days.

The key holes allow one person to install the column by slipping the keyholes over pre-installed fasteners and temporarily hanging the column off the beam before permanently installing the fasteners. I filled the last two blocks in solid columb that is where I put the weight of the girder beam.