All Things Technical. Download Landice technical manuals below. Treadmill Technical Manuals. L7/L8/L9 Treadmill 90 Series Service Manual MB. Home and Commercial Treadmill. Diagnostic and Service Manual. Dt. Addendum. Version C For Technical Service Call 1-()-LANDICE. Press the MANUAL button at any time and the treadmill is at your command to .. Landice will send you a complimentary Landice T-shirt upon receipt of your.

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A user-defined program looks and runs exactly like a built-in program, but it can landuce customized to suit the user. Drive Belt Repair Procedures 7. Attach bridge with two button head cap screws Figure using 5mm hex wrench. Before beginning component removal or replacement, unplug power cord from wall. All displays light and the treadbelt begins to move at 0.

Landice L7 Owner’s Manual

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Remove the screws from the rail covers as shown in the following figure.

Motivational Screens Executive Treadmill Operation 6. Before lubricating, loosen treadbelt and slide clean towel under the treadbelt and wipe the deck and under the belt to remove dirt and debris.


Engage the tray tabs in the notches of the lower lanvice panel assembly Figure Page 29 Installation Figure Using The Pro Trainer Treadmill: The DC output is linear to the speed at which the motor is rotated.

Page 64 Cardio Treadmill Operation 3. Cardio Treadmill Operation 2. Let treadbelt stabilize rotate for 30 seconds. Page 16 Introduction Recommended Tools Cardio Treadmill Operation 6. Start treadmill and walk at 2.

Elevation Potentiometer Calibration Adjustments 5. Climbing Rate is displayed in feet per minute or meters per minute, depending on units chosen in Settings. Must isolate all moving parts. Remove the guides see the following figure from the deck and reinstall on either the new deck or the reverse side of the existing deck, as applicable.

Support the elevation motor and remove the pin from the Clevis mount. When prompted, use the keypad or arrow keys to enter your age 10 to 99then press ENTER or wait 3 seconds. Upper display lights, treadbelt moves, speed will not increase 6.


Page 25 Harnesses Electrical Reference Figure See next page for contact information. With treadmill still upright, brace something sturdy, such as a tool lanxice, between the two bottom bolts.

  6150K8MA 8EKRS PDF

Page 59 – PT4: Loss Of Speed Signal: Except where noted, the controls are the same for all 4 consoles. A good motor brush will look shiny and is free from scorch marks or chips, and is not dull where the commutator would make contact. Fitness Testing Table Women: This is the score you would receive if you complete the rest of the protocol at your current pace.

Landice L7 Service Manual

Remove the box and discard it. Depending on the treadmill model, different fitness test protocols are available.

Treadmill Landice Series Service Manual 85 pages. Press down arrow for elevation until motor stops moving.

Quick start instructions for each control panel are included.