Synopsis: the Foreigner. In a rural fishing lodge in Georgia, Froggy LeSueur, a British demolitions expert who sometimes runs training sessions at a nearby. When everyone in the lodge thinks that Charlie does not understand a word of English, people speak freely around him and he learns some. FOREIGNER. 5M, 2W. BY LARRY SHUE. The scene is a fishing lodge in rural Georgia often visited by “Froggy. LeSeuer, a British demolition.

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As a lark, Froggie traps Charlie into telling a story in his foreign language, and Charlie, larty to the challenge, creates a fairy-tale-like narrative that everyone seems to understand.

The Woods; Lakeboat; Edmond. Jan 24, Steve rated it it was ok. Loud, intimate conversation follows, and suddenly she notices Charlie, head in hands, and raises hell.

Read More dancers Performer. The Foreigner by Larry Shue. There is good work from the entire cast, which includes Sudie Bond who had trouble with her linesPatricia Kalember a perfectly befogged yet sunny southern belleRobert Schenkkan a whited supremacist sepulcherKevin Geer a nitwit quite witty in the nitty-grittyChristopher Curry a redneck sweaty under the collarand the author, Larry Shue whose Froggy is an unusually convincing portrait of a lower-class Englishman by an American actor.

I was done in about an froeigner. I loook tru your bones.

I wish it needed a bigger cast, though Retrieved 8 April I have no critical comment to make, unless expressing enjoyment can be considered criticism. I was definitely scared for Charlie for a while there and happy it turned out the way it did.

The Foreigner |

Finally, Owen serves as a contrast to Ellard; Owen is genuinely stupid but thinks of himself as intelligent. Fun to read, but I imagine better to watch. Ever the competent military operative, Froggy is confident, positive, and unflappable, even when surprised. Oct 25, Hanna rated it really liked it. Jan 03, Patricia rated it really liked it. In Larry Shue’s hilarious farce, Charlie Baker, a proofreader by day and boring husband by night, adopts the persona of a foreigner who doesn’t understand English.


David appears to be friendly, sincere, genuinely decent, kind, and patient, and he is quite canny in carrying out his devious plot. The shy Charlie agreed to accompany Froggy on the trip after his sick wife begged him to go. Mar 20, Haley Page rated it it was amazing. Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Lists with This Book. Thanks to a recommendation and some urging from GR friend Caroline, I finally read this very funny and entertaining play. Refresh and try again. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Froggy is the ebullient demolition expert from the British Army who brings his friend, Charlie Baker, to Georgia for a three-day weekend. Jul 13, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: Larry Shue died in a plane crash the following year, not living to see the continued popularity of The Foreigner. In his late- forties, Froggy speaks in a Cockney dialect, is dressed in his army fatigues, and is extremely cheerful.

In her seventies and a widow, Betty Meeks is the owner and operator of the fishing lodge and resort in which the play takes place. Shus 10, Jennifer Mancini rated it it was amazing. This actor’s delight in cutting loose infectiously mirrors his character’s liberation from his stodgy self.

The Foreigner (Play) Plot & Characters | StageAgent

Views Read Edit View history. And Charlie, who has been similarly underestimated his whole life, has come to breakfast hoping to be left alone yet initiates the contact with Ellard. For example, a visitor from outer space joins an earthly family and the Mork fofeigner Mindy series larrt Robin Williams is born. Underneath nearly all the huge laughs is a genuine interest in what it means to be human.


He looks at Ellard, questioning. InShue studied with a theatre company in Japan.

The Foreigner

National Unified Auditions New York. Eventually, all of these measures succeeded, the audiences returned in large numbers, and the play enjoyed an unusually long Off-Broadway run. What does a shy Englishman in search of rest do when he visits a fishing lodge in Georgia? As an actor, he was such a cut-up.

In the words of Samuel G. The characters here are outlandish and lovable, and it’s even funnier performed, if that’s possible. Catherine is staying with Betty at the lodge. While it didn’t have the subtlety and complexity of some plays, it functions well as what it is foreitner a very funny story of a man caught in an awkward situation who discovers himself capable of more than he imagined.

Her younger brother, Ellard, a somewhat “slow” boy often thought of as a young Forrest Gump [ citation needed ] is a simpleton who tries to “teach” Charlie how to speak English. The debate escalated throughout the year but because of the legacy of Vietnam there was no uniform enthusiasm for military intervention in Central America.