LE ADERITESTIINSTRUMENTS DE. MODEL LDM DISTORTION METER. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. PITON. TEISIN DS3rtso. LEADER ELECTRONICS . I’m looking for a LEADER LDM distortion meter service manual. to you, if you need this, is a service manual of LDM distortion meter. Path: /leader/ldm/. This is the These manuals are available for download and free of charge. Manual for the Leader Model LDM Distortion Meter.

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The only other big things I can think of is a good lwader station and at least a good solder sucker or vacuum de-soldering system if you want to go luxury. To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program.

Distortion Meter LDM-171

I thought I was done VCG input J2 on the rear panel. Troubleshoot output amplifier, attenuator. Check waveform at junction of VR T—main board and Function switch for triangular wave.

The built in function generator is nice on the distortion meter as it eliminates needing 2 pieces of gear to do one job. I guess the first thing I’d do is measure a generator and look for one that’s reasonably low to use as a test source. Google [Bot]Majestic [Bot] and 9 guests. This week I purchased the following: If there is any question about the function, refer to the Instruction Manual for correct operation.


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Frequency can also be controlled by an externa? It is a 6 digit multimeter with flat frequency response to KHz, dB display, frequency counter and distortion analyzer. If you don’t see exactly what you need, use our site’s inventory search to find the precise model of equipment that you’re looking for.

Contact Us – Tapeheads. Leader distortion meter LDM I think you are pretty well set for test gear. Most of the other distortion analyzers out there are not auto leveling, you have to null out the original frequency and set the level. Function switch and associated circuit.

You can login to do that! You need test gear. I have various lubes, cleaners and tools.

The attenuator is a passive 10, 20, 40dB resistor network. Carrier suppress function is available.

All adjustments should be completed in the given order, because some adjustments interact with others. All outputs; sine, triangular or square can maanual swept linear or logarithmic on each range. Leader Audio Equipment Leader Instruments is a top provider of high quality test and analysis solutions and their instruments are utilized by a wide variety of industries.

Leader Audio Equipment

Users browsing this forum: That is strictly an audio instrument. Similar examples of all 3 made by HP and Kenwood are well thought of, but may be more expensive. leafer


Previous topic Next topic. The initial control settings to be used for each check and adjustment are listed below. Have manual thanks the range is 20cps to 20 kc but only kanual spot on dial emits tones. Good luck to the repair! The distortion analyzer to get is the Keithley Still, on the other hand, water is water. Chances are it’s something minor.

Very nice, a good piece of gear, Leader gear offers maximum value for the dollar and long lasting reliable performance, especially when bought previously enjoyed. Maybe gain problem in oscillator, a bad cap or two or something else. This is the section to talk about what to buy and what to do with it. No frequency change or intermltttent by rotating Frequency dial.

BkO of output impedance. Find all posts by MHzTweaker. Discoveries you’ve made buying gently used “blanks” You can change the level and it will track it, so you can measure the distortion of an amplifier as you increase the output power.