Find great deals for LEGO Space Ice Station Odyssey (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. : Lego Ice Station Odyssey Toys & Games. View LEGO instructions for Ice Staton Odyssey set number to help you build these LEGO sets.

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The trans-orange cones at the side could be whatever you want: The first steps are spent adding some extra supports around the raised part of the baseplate.

Now, the next step involves some cheating. I don’t like them, not 683 the designs I always wanted it, but It was too expensive to buy when I was child. It’s roughly made up of four different elements.

The rockets are then recovered by the second vehicle for re-use. Register a new account. I love the colors Lego used in the series, especially the trans orange. I nearly succeeded, missing out on only three teeny tiny sets two of which I wasn’t even aware existed until two months ago.

LEGO Space Ice Station Odyssey (6983)

Some of my MOCs use them. The whole set is basically made up of four colors: Though your review is very, very good, I still think this line and this set sucks. Thanks a lot for make me remember that and, I’m sorry, but that won’t make me take out of its box the only Ice Planet set I own The trans-orange top gives it that Ice Planet touch.

I’m using the deeplink for your picture of the Ice Babe in my photo description on Flickr, hope you don’t mind! But I wasn’t able to get one.


LEGO Ice Station Odyssey Set | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

Almost all the details are added directly onto the raised baseplate. The back features an alternate image. A bump of the table, and the structure literally flies off the plate leyo. It doesn’t match up to the build quality of the newer sets, and it is lacking in pieces and variety to make it worth getting more than one for pieces, but back in the early 90’s it was a joy to behold.

I’m not totally happy with the design, yet Ice planet was too short-lived and had a terrific color scheme.

Even now, with the new series coming out, it is still the set of my dream. Granted, you do get a large parts selection, but I still think it might have been just slightly on the steep side. Every year for my birthday my dad would take me out and let me spend up to 50 dollars for my present. This set therefore – which would be the first actual land base in a space theme for quite some time – has been the biggest space set I own ever since and the one around which all my space scenarios have revolved.

The barrier made up of four 4H antenna’s goes in pretty quickly.

LEGO Ice Staton Odyssey Instructions , Space

I rate this an outstanding, hands down. It made me remember the only Ice Planet set that I have, the way I loved lwgo features and playability, it was a space car with a rocket, in fact, very very similar to the one featured in this set which disappointed me, because that means I got one of the smallest setseven so what I did like about it was its playability Launching satellites and gathering intel was their main goal, but could they do it without being hindered by the dark forces of Blacktron II and Spyrius?

  ISO TR 14062 PDF

The Ice Station comes with no less than two rockets with satellites to be launched for the explorers’ research. The Ice Leho line continued this trend and introduced three new heads, all of which are available in this 698.

I had so much fun playing with it until one day my sister accidentally stepped on it. The 2×10 plate prevents it from ending ldgo in the wider part of the pit and thanks to the smooth ridge at the edge of the pit the leyo thing can slide back and forth quite easily.

The plastic they used to use in the baseplates back then were perfect. The best part is that the minifigs had skis that they could use with the ramp. It’s supposed to be a big base, but there’s no enclosure at all! Sign in Already have an account? The arm puts the rocket in place.

With this submodel in place, the third and last part of the launch rig on the raised plate is finished.